Why I’m Grateful I Kicked Off 2015 with the Flu

Right up front, this week has sucked. I started feeling a little iffy late last Saturday… and things turned quickly worse from there. Not pretty, guys. I haven’t had a full-blown flu of that magnitude in quite a few years, but it gave me a unique opportunity to rest (obviously,) but also do some major thinking. Learned a lot.

2015 Flu Lessons:

You will eat all of your Tamiflu as directed because:

A) It took 3 exhausting + sweaty hours to get it.

B) It cost $124. You will ingest every last Tamiflu like it’s caviar!

Slow Down:

You will learn again to appreciate life’s simplest pleasures: the “treat” of knowing you have enough stamina to shampoo your hair, the reward of a good leg shave (which is extra luxurious when rubbing legs together furiously for warmth, grasshopper style,) and when you are up for eating something other than crackers- the decadence of a sandwich made by your mom. Nothing tastes as good as when your mom makes it!

Mental Boost:

After (if) the self-pity subsides, you get the gift of what I like to call “quiet mind.” Your mind, like the rest of your body, is much slower, making it so your constant analysis of life has taken a back burner. It makes it so instead of pretending you’re ready to start your healthy lifestyle on January 1st with everyone else (you weren’t ready,) NOW you are ready, after sitting in home and in bed for 7 days. I MISS YOU, GYM.


Being a leper of sorts is no fun. You will have a greater appreciation for humanity for at least 3 days (or less, if you go to the mall within those 3 days.)

Self Care:

Your body shut down for a reason. It makes you take stock of why. I mean, anyone can get the flu, sure, but I’m a believer that like attracts like- as in, if you are mucked up in thoughts of negativity or in an environment that thrives on it, you kind of set the stage for creating sickness, depression, and all kinds of other icky stuff. Also, when you’re just grinding on the grindstone with little balance, it’ll catch up to you. Lovely thoughts, feelings, actions, and experiences make it a lot harder for your body to accept shutting down, and I think being in a good place everywhere else helps contribute to a stronger immune system. But yes, all in all, it’s germs. So start covering those mouths, sickos!


What the world needs now, is to start every new year off with the flu. I lost all of my holiday weight in TWO DAYS. WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! #miracles #blessed


After some sleep and the realization that TV isn’t as fun as you imagined it would be for 100 hours, your creative juices will turn on again. They may have been stifled before by all the aforementioned ickiness, but once your body starts pushing the garbage out, you will no longer be blocked! You will think of endless blog topics and become really funny again with your forced audience of whomever is unfortunate enough to be stuck living with you.

Antibodies. So delicious!
Antibodies. So delicious!

The point is, as much as the flu took away my first week of 2015, I actually gained much more from having it. Also, I won’t get it again. Brian Williams said so. I feel like a whole new, antibody-filled person!


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