Kickstart Saturday – Out With the Poison, In With the Common Sense

I never really intended to start all my healthy habits again on January 1st, but now that it’s the 3rd, I’m feeling kind of guilty about not jumping on the bandwagon. And for the record, my bed was EXACTLY where I wanted to be on New Year’s Day. There’s resolution number 1- “NO REGRETS.” Good start.

To make things tough, I may/may not be sick now. That’s not going to make a kickstart any easier, but let’s also add something like, “NO EXCUSES! JUST DO IT,” to the resolution pile. It’s weird that once I slowed down and started catching up on sleep is the point when I got sick. Annoying.

Anyways… I’ve never before felt like the entire world was more on the same page for creating a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families. I think we’ve all finally realized that maybe the American way is not the most healthy way, and that it’s time to take a step back and put more emphasis on caring for ourselves, our bodies, and our minds. Everyone will take a different approach, but for me, I know where my strengths and weaknesses lie when it comes to diet and exercise. Certain foods in my repertoire create an addiction that’s as strong for me as let’s say…. mmmmmm… crack. That’s what I hear. It’s cliche, but I think it’s very true.

I found this interesting article about local members of the Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous program, and appreciated some of their struggles, plus the fact that the perspective of the article wasn’t coming from a place of “just stop eating, fatso.” Like any kind of addiction, food addiction is real for many people- and I do believe that some of the ingredients included in our food can become the culprits for those using food as a coping mechanism. You’ve read some of the recent studies about the addictiveness of sugar, right?

WNYers Decided Cutting Flour, Sugar Was the Best Way to Live (Buffalo News Refresh Blog) – Like I mentioned, sugar and flour may not be the devil for everyone, but I know when I cut it from my diet, I felt (almost) like a million bucks. And I don’t miss it once it’s gone- UNTIL I take that first bite.

I was just discussing with my mom how a recent plate of Chinese food changed my perspective. I was hungry when we started, and there was a LOT to choose from. So like everyone else, I filled my plate with a little bit of everything. Then, I ate most of it. Guess how I felt when it was over? Not happy. Not good. There was no feeling that the whole plate was worthwhile. And, after bite number 3ish, it didn’t even taste that good. Kind of like my recent forays into nights of drinking, it wasn’t even fun to go big or go home. Talk about a perspective shift.

When it comes to healthy eating in 2015, I will opt not to take on a new diet or crazy calorie-limiting plan, but I will attempt to steer clear of the overproduced, over sugared foods that I consider poison to my system in favor of more whole foods. In 2015, anything but common sense is sooooo passé, friends.

A little bit of everything just ain't what it used to be.
A little bit of everything just ain’t what it used to be.

3 thoughts on “Kickstart Saturday – Out With the Poison, In With the Common Sense

  1. Zandria says:

    Completely agree that one bite can be your downfall. (Well, maybe not ONE bite, but you know what I mean – one bite often leads to more.) I started eating sugar regularly (mostly in the form of chocolate) in mid December, and because I knew I was starting the Whole30 on January 1st, I justified my consumption because I knew I’d be stopping cold turkey on that date. It’s almost unfortunate that I knew the date was coming up in advance, because normally I’d reel back my consumption and get back on track faster. I was already not feeling great before Jan 1, because the sugar would make my heart speed up and I’d feel crappy/tired later in the day. Just goes to show that I’ll feel much better when I get back on track!

    1. The Daily Sampler says:

      It’s so interesting when you’re paying attention to how it makes you feel! How are you doing with the Whole30 plan? It’s funny, once I’m used to no sugar, everything tastes SO sweet. I just had some fig balsamic on my salad and was like no. Too much.

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