New Year’s Resolutions : Take the Drama Out

The new year is just around the corner, and if you’re like me- you’re pretty much over 2014, and already looking to ways to make 2015 the “best yet” and all that jazz. Let’s not talk about how weird it is that it’s going to be 2015. I’m feeling it, too. [#old]

Some of the things I’ve struggled with in 2014 are things I’ve struggled with my entire life, including anxiety brought on by situations I can’t control and/or situations I allow to affect me. In fact, one situation in particular is eerily like something I’ve already experienced in my life, and I’ll tell ya, a few years of wisdom does NOT make it any easier the second time. I was surprised by this. I did, however, pick something up in 2014 that I think I can apply to this and any future situation that grates on me, no matter what it is.

During my beautiful fledgling yogini phase in Halifax this year, I gravitated towards certain instructors who I thought were the best. One was a guy- and I’m embarrassed to say I don’t remember his name. I think he’s left that location since, but he was everything you’d imagine in a yoga instructor: fit, thin, man bun, sweaty, shirtless. He was my first teacher at the studio there, and I was kind of intimidated by him- until I took a few of his classes. Not only was he calm and encouraging, but he was funny and didn’t take himself or the class too seriously. He was the one that truly instilled the idea that I take each class as a separate entity, at my own pace and how my body and mind needed it for that day. He also was the person that uttered one of my new favorite quotes, one that has stuck with me outside the walls of yoga space. While holding a tricky balancing pose, he would often coo, “Take the drama out of it.” It was such a simple statement, and he used it in reference to what we were doing in that moment, but it resonated so much. It’s something I try to use all the time.

For many people, “Take the drama out of it,” could be quite literal. Stop it with the drama, adults! Stop it with the drama, young people! There is so much unnecessary drama in places like high school, professional work environments, and worse- within families. It’s ridiculous and creates so much negativity. I hate drama. I was admittedly one of those girls in my young days that thrived on living life like it was an episode of General Hospital. But, I quickly learned it wreaked more havoc than created enjoyment, and by mid-college, I was over all things drama. I still want no part of it.

While I try to live a drama-free existence, unfortunately, drama still percolates around us, and we often have no say in it. What we do have say in is how we handle it, exist within it, and allow it to affect our well-being. One of my major resolutions for 2015 is to “Take the drama out of it,” and choose to see anxiety-laden scenarios for what they are: something I don’t have to engage in. People can carry on with their drama, and I can focus on things that are much more important to me. Why waste the energy on something so silly?



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