Snowvember 2014 – The Aftermath

This week was heavy in more ways than one. I think I went into this whole Snowvember situation thinking it was like any other snow day scenario- snowed in with movies and junk food and hot beverages. I realized quickly it was a lot more serious than that. Even yesterday, when I finally escaped my home to run a few errands, I saw the complete turmoil and destruction the snow caused. I’ve seen nothing like it, except for maybe in the aftermath of the October Storm. I don’t know what will happen his week with the melting and rain, but I can only hope that Western New York is spared more hardship. I send my best to everyone out there who’s dealing with the worst of it. Stay strong, my friends!

Can we talk for a minute about the psychological effects of being stuck in your home indefinitely? Forget the logistical issues of having enough food for your family, but I’m talking about not being able to escape the same people, every second, for days. You love these people and they love you back, but you cannot escape them. Or maybe worse- you’re snowed in alone, with no one to talk to or play a board game with. That’s gotta really get to you after a few days.

Then, when you have a moment out in the world with everyone else (which by the way, has gone on without you,) you are like a kid in a candy store. Walgreens!!!!!! How did you ever get so beaaaauuuuutifullll!?! You also want to buy everything, because who knows when you’ll have the opportunity again. You see hope. You see food other than frozen pizzas. It’s glorious.

Being snowed in also makes you think you are ready to take on a change of lifestyle. After the post-shoveling pain, you are terrified by how out of shape you are. You want to eat foods fresh from the earth because they are a golden gift. They are doomed because they are perishable, and perishable food is beautiful and rare.

You also become automatically ready to celebrate the holidays, no matter which one you partake in, because holidays are shiny, happy, distracting, and have nothing to do specifically with Snowvember. If you were smart, you put up your Christmas decorations this week. I was outvoted by a house full of grinches. It easily could have erupted into mutiny, so I didn’t push.

Going forward- I will revel in my new sense of hope, freedom, possibility, fearlessness, health, mental and physical wellness, and a focus on all things good. I survived Snowvember in Buffalo, New York- so don’t mess with me.


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