Snowvember 2014 Part III – Yellow Snow

Some concluding thoughts on what will (hopefully) be the final days and hours of this craptastic storm. Until… the floods. We’ll have to title that phase something more appropriate.

Snowvember enters day 3 in Buffalo, New York, and it is now officially:

A) No longer incredible to look at or marvel at.

B) Not pretty or charming. Might as well all be yellow snow. Make it stop.

C) Making everyone gain 10 lbs.

D) Ruining relationships OR creating accidental babies.

E) Effectively emptying the DVR of anything promising to watch.

F) A solid, painful rock of ice-filled bull that we keep hurling shovels at to no avail.

Can you tell we’re losing our resolve? It’s snowing again in Lancaster, NY and we are not having any fun. I’m not even going to talk about the rain and warming that’s to come. I’m trying to get pumped up for something- anything. Scandal is on tonight. It’s the winter finale which is exciting and depressing. I’m *supposed* to leave my house for fun outings tomorrow night and the night after with great friends, but I’m not sure it’ll happen. My cousin found an open pizzeria near her house that’s open- so I’m happy for her. That’s a plus.

Okay, now I have to provide you with some positive spin, so you don’t feel empty inside when you return to your Twitter feed. We are grateful for:

A) The fact that everyone we know is safe and sound. Please keep it that way!

B) Our neighbor, whom we saved the other night has brought us eggs and frozen pizza. Please add 5 more lbs. to the above list.

C) Endless coffee and tea, all day, whenever we feel like it. Warm beverages, 24/7.

D) Electricity. Please keep it that way!

E) Being housebound for days makes you really want to get out of the house and go to the gym. Something had to give.

F) Taking a shower feels like the sexiest thing you’ve ever done. You may even blow dry your hair.

G) The City of Good Neighbors. I’ve heard SO many wonderful stories about people helping people, and have seen it with my own eyes, too. We are so damn awesome, seriously.

Are you feeling better yet? Meh? We’ll revisit tomorrow.



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