Introducing… Young Buffalo


When I think about what I love about Western New York, one thing that always comes to mind is the amount of talented, passionate, innovative and interesting young people that live here. In fact, I believe we actually have a surplus of these movers and shakers in the area, and they are everywhere and in every field you can think of. If you don’t believe me, pick up a newspaper (or, more realistically, a smart phone,) and read up about the world’s largest business idea competition, food trucks, entrepreneurs and restauranteurs, educators, marketing experts and construction engineers, all right here in the region.

You may have already seen some of these faces featured in the usual spots. There’s a chance you may seem them here, at Young Buffalo, because they rock. But, what you’ll see even more of are the other young people out there doing great things that you haven’t heard as much about. They rock as well, and it is my great pleasure to introduce them to you.

Also, I want them all to be my friends. You caught me.


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