Muck Off- and Enjoy the Ride

This week was a doozy. Hell, this month was a doozy. I mostly tried to survive it, and wore myself down in the process- getting sick and exhausted. I’m still coming out of it, but now that it’s November I believe some relief is in sight.

How was your Halloween? Mine was non-existent, but I did appreciate all of your miserable dogs-in-costumes pictures all night. Now we look forward to the rest of 2014. What’s ahead? Christmas music. I heard a rumor that 96.1 already turned. Is nothing sacred anymore?

Anyways guys, this month we will have two focuses: gratitude and balance. Do not roll your eyes. You need this. November is classically the month where people post an annoying update on your Facebook or Instagram feed about what they’re thankful for. I am not going to do that to you. I do however, recommend you spend like 5 minutes at the beginning of each day just thinking about/saying out loud/writing down what you’re grateful for. So often, we get all mucked up in the day-to-day struggle that we forget how lucky we are to: not have Ebola, live in America (despite all of its problems- it could be MUCH worse,) to breathe clean air (think China,) have food to eat, and be able to walk around… laugh, smile, play, and yes, even the free will to complain about stuff (think North Korea.) I am guilty of getting mucked-up, myself, and I feel a whole lot better when I remember what’s important.

For instance- I watched this video today and got choked up. I’m a huge baby, and don’t forget, I’m overtired and recovering from illness, so leave me alone.

Not only did I not realize all of the innovation that came out of Buffalo, but it reminds me how happy and thankful I am to be home to see it all. These feelings haven’t changed, but my perspective has gotten slightly skewed now that I’m in the mix of daily life here. I can’t let myself forget.

I’m not done preaching yet. Just another minute of your time, sir. After the gratitude comes the balance. Sometimes, you do just have to hunker down and survive. We ALL need to take better care of ourselves. That may mean setting a weekly routine that includes important-but-oft-neglected elements like meditation, jamming out to great music, taking the time to watch a good movie, or just straight up sleeping. One negative part of living in America is that we’re all expected to burn it at both ends, and if we don’t, we feel guilty about it. Nonsense! Stop that crap. This month, let’s all sleep more, socialize more, sweat more, and not end up crying in a corner wishing for a 3 Muskateers bar at the end of the month. Let’s set some priorities and stick to them!

Okay, you’re off the hook now. Go drink something. It’s the weekend!


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