Sunday Planning: Happy Thoughts

Sundays are tough for most people. No one- NO ONE, no matter how much you love your job wants to go back to work on Monday. Even with a Bills win (YESSSS 5-3) in our pockets and a 70 degree late-October day on the horizon, Monday is Monday. That’s why I am working extra hard to focus on things that are interesting and happy, no matter how small. I suggest you do the same, grumpy cat. Here’s what’s on the docket:

  • New yoga class at East Meets West Yoga. Before I make a final decision on what facility to spend my hard earned, strictly budgeted dollars on, I have to try EMW because there’s a chance I might fall in love, and find it worthy of the $130/month + inconvenient commute.
  • I might actually cook something delicious this week. STAT Plan isn’t going to run itself.
  • Lots of good TV to help me escape the crazies of the world including: Top Chef, Scandal, all of the Nashvilles I haven’t seen, and we just started season 1 of American Horror Story, in honor of Halloween. It’s friggin’ weird so far.
  • Speaking of Halloween, we just decided today to man up (we=me,) despite having to work extra hours + Saturday..again.. and do something fun on Friday. We still need costumes. The top contender right now is the Witches Ball at Hotel Lafayette. I’ve heard this is a great event. Any input? I still miss the Central Terminal party. That one was fun.
  • Writing this amazing blog. Aren’t you loving the dailies?!? Please say yes, or I’ll cry because it’s Sunday.



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