Everything Old is New Again

I guess the price you pay for daily blogs is shorter blogs. Hope you don’t mind.

Today I reengaged with two old friends: The Doctor’s Diet STAT Plan, and the Buffalo Athletic Club (BAC for Women.) Both feel like a comfortable old shoe. That doesn’t sound right. Both feel comfortable, yet oddly exciting again as I explore ways to get health-inspired.

The STAT plan is a really smart, balanced, whole-foods approach to getting back on the clean eating wagon. For a few months, I’ve been focused on the no-carb life (and I still think keeping the carb consumption down is generally a good idea,) but it’s gotten to the point where I’m doing that mostly during the week, and completely diving into a plate of Paula’s Donuts on the weekend, making any health strides obsolete. The STAT Plan is a 14 day jumpstart to an overall balanced eating approach. I like it, and had success with it in the dark days of Halifax. The only advantage to being in Halifax was all I had to think about all day long was following the plan, cooking for the plan, and so on. Now, I’m already slightly concerned about how to fit it into my extra shiny busy lifestyle, packed with meetings at restaurants and social gatherings with friends.

I also decided this morning that along with yoga-sampling around Buffalo, I’m going to check out some of the other gyms as well. I’m a member at Catalyst Express in Depew now, and although nice, newish, clean, and close to home, I’m bored there. I like to have the option of classes, even if I have to pay a little more for them. The last time I had a solid gym routine was back in 2009, before I moved to Michigan. I was in decent shape then, and always felt comfortable, challenged, and pushed myself at the BAC for Women on French Rd. Returning there, I saw that there have been some updates to the machines and weight equipment, which is nice, still a loaded schedule of classes (including a room dedicated to Spinning which I LOVE,) and it’s clean. The decor looks like 1998, but again, it’s cleaned and cared for and welcoming. I would not be surprised if I ended up there again, permanently.

What’s your favorite workout spot in Western New York? I’m open to suggestions (free passes,) and am happy to blog about my awesome experience right here on this here blog.

A gym where I don't have to move my own Spinning bike from the side wall?! I'M SO LUCKY.
A gym where I don’t have to move my own Spinning bike from the side wall?! I’M SO LUCKY.

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