Reasons Why I’m Still Cool on a Friday Night

Here we are again. It’s coming up on 11 o’clock and I’m writing this blog just before the official end of the day so it still counts for my self-imposed daily challenge. It’s funny how some challenges I get obsessive about (this) and some challenges I drop after 3 hours (exercise.) It’s also weird that it’s Friday, and I have been dying to go to sleep for at least an hour already. Fridays are for cool people, out and about laughing around a high top table with friends and a martini. It dawned on me last weekend while people watching on Chippewa (yes, Chippewa the street,) that my interests have indeed changed. Hubs kept pushing the, “don’t you want to go dance somewhere?” card, and I said, “No- I only want to dance at weddings.” I like pajamas now. And pillows.

Despite these new interests of mine, I did manage to get out last night to the International Institute of Buffalo‘s “Buffalo Without Borders” event at Hotel Lafayette. Thanks to some of my fabulous friends who serve on the board and planning committee, Western New Yorkers were treated to an evening of ethnic food, exotic music, cocktails and shopping that went a step beyond the ordinary. Some people get excited about a new wing on the outlet mall… I personally find it much more exciting to browse a bazaar of local artisans inside one of Buffalo’s most beautiful and historic buildings. I still think back to just eight or so years ago, standing in front of the Lafayette at Thursday at the Square (ahhh the good old days,) and wondering why such a fantastic building was vacant.

The premise of the event was to sample authentic international food, treats, drinks, and culture from some of the area’s best destinations. I loved how at arrival, (after your complimentary valet service, I might add,) you were given a passport with tickets and a stamp page to help complete your journey. I was only able to stay for a while, but I managed to get my hands on snacks from the Burma, South Sudan, Thai, and (duh) wine tasting stations. It’s great to have a chance to try many of the restaurants that I would never normally think of on a Tuesday night when searching for a fast but tasty dinner option. I also enjoyed the upscale feel of the event. Casual is always cool, but there is something to be said for throwing on some heels or even your nicest sari and joining other well-dressed, diverse professionals for cocktails and fun.

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 11.07.25 PM
@thedailysampler, @rizzoSM, @buffalofoodie, @nb3004, IRL

As if I wasn’t trying hard enough to convince you that I’ve still got it, tomorrow I’ll finally be making my first appearance at Helium Comedy Club, and finally catch a hilarious buddy of mine do his MC thang. In fact, I know I’m still cool because he told me I’d be “on the list” at the door, so I really have nothing to prove to any of you.

Until tomorrow…


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