I Forgive You Shonda Rhimes, (the “I’m Tired,” Abbreviated Version)

I said “daily,” Imma give you daily. Please know that I started this post around 8:37PM, got distracted, and now it’s 11:18PM, when promises mean a lot less to me. What do we have to talk about today? That’s simple. SCANDAL.

Remember when I wrote this open letter to Shonda Rhimes? (Still waiting for a response.) Well, I still feel that way about Grey’s Anatomy. BUT, I have to give credit where it’s due, and my friends, Shonda Rhimes is a talented lady. Did I have my doubts last season when I felt things got a little weak on my favorite show on earth, Scandal? Yep. This season, Shonda has me back, and she even has me kind of on team Jake(ish).

The way this season has weaved a complicated, yet somehow coherent tale of how Jake “killed” Fitz’s son, plus Harrison, and that he supposedly did it all because of his love for Olivia, and this story has all been patched together by her crazy father, simply because he promised Jake that he’d be the one to bury him? Because earlier Jake had him replaced at B613? And actually it was Rowan who masterminded all of the death and destruction to ruin the lives of the men sleeping with his daughter? (Separately, pervs.) Can I ask anymore questions in disbelief or can I go to bed now?

The point is, not just any writer can compose a story that is so addicting, entertaining, funny, and filled with heart, all while making some semblance of sense, and continuing to throw well-thought out curve balls. Shonda Rhimes is a force, and I thank her for giving us something worthy of #TGIT.

Has anyone watched How to Get Away With Murder? I gave it my customary 13 minutes and lost interest. I’d like input- if you think it’s worth another try. Shonda? Can you hear me?

#TGIT Premiere Event Hosted BY Twitter
The house that Shonda built.

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