Let’s Have a Frank Discussion About: Buffalo Bills – One Man Wolf Pack

I’m baaaaack. You didn’t think I’d come back. I made it.

Tonight we’re going to talk about the Bills. It’s been like 5 posts since I brought them up. I feel that gave you plenty of time to come down off the high of being owned by a fracking billionaire. I love how you can say fracking (aka “frakking”) and have people think you mean it in the Battlestar Galactica way. (PS hubs is likely SO proud I made this reference without even watching the show.)

So it’s still great that the Buffalo Bills are going to stay here in Western New York forever, and it will continue to be great for a long time. Yes, Dad and I cried watching the Terry Pegula press conference and everyone hated us that night. Now, regardless of all the good news, it’s starting to sink in that the Bills are.. well.. still the Bills. Let’s discuss.

First of all, I find it so annoying that by the second quarter of last week’s game against the Vikings, everyone was already on the “BRING EJ BACK” bandwagon. Shuttttt uppppppp. Then of course there was the ever-popular, “FIRE MARRONE” tweets. The reason these were so bothersome to me is because although I understand the frustration as much as the next Bills fan- we are quite the fickle bunch. I also just know these are the same people who were crying to “BENCH EJ” just a few weeks ago. Hey! Reality check: EJ Manuel, as he is now (despite how much I like him and want him to be our tenured QB,) would NOT have had the capability to rally the team and get the last minute win we grabbed on Sunday, nor would he have been able to put together some of the other hustles that Kyle Orton managed. Why? Because he is inexperienced. Is Kyle Orton a Peyton Manning? God, no. Is he a Matthew Stafford, even? No- probably won’t ever be. But he has enough experience to make decent decisions, stay positive, and connect with receivers when it is absolutely crucial. I think if we have even a shot of making it to the playoffs (although clearly we probably won’t get far if we do,) it’s with Kyle Orton as our QB, just for right now. Accept it.

I still don’t know about Doug Marrone. I was never a fan from the moment he got the job. I do like how his post-game sentiments reflected my own on Sunday afternoon.

We did not deserve to win that game last week. For 3.75 quarters, we were hard to watch. We faced a hapless team at home, and where a playoff caliber team would have scored at least 10 more points, we scraped by with that 17-16 win. A win is a win and I’ll take it, but man. I was this close to choosing to clean our spare bedroom. It’s not enough. Will it be enough to get the Buffalo Bills into the playoffs, simply so we can stop being the one man wolf pack on this graphic?

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.34.18 PM

It would be great, but guys- I don’t think it’s going to happen. Actually, ask me again after next week. If we can go into the bye week at 5-3, I will find that encouraging.

I have some faith in our team. Even the glimmers of hope that are Sammy Watkins and Boobie Dixon make me think that we are potentially on the verge of building a great team. It might take a few years, but what I like most about these guys is that they seem to respect each other and trust each other. I still think back to that first game at Chicago when instead of giving up, for the first time in a long while, the team worked as a team and brought home the win. It’s little things like that are keeping me invested.

Yeah right- they had me at hello. I’m invested either way. Jerks.


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