The Daily Sampler Goes… Daily

There comes a time when your life is the whirlwind you dreamed it would be: late nights on the town with friends, lunch meetings, three new outfits, two successful yoga classes, etc., and you realize your daily blog will have to take a backseat. A few weeks later while on the couch, feeling kinda crappy, you realize you need the blog, the blankets, and the full sized Wegmans sub, too. Life is all about balance.

So, here we are.

Some of the things I’ve been doing since my life got really full again include creating a “family budget” for hubs and I to follow. It was so much fun to put off for weeks and weeks until finally tackling it this past weekend. The good news: I only cried once but it was about something unrelated. Then we went to dinner at Bourbon and Butter. The budget started on Sunday, so don’t worry about it.

A quick take on Bourbon and Butter:

Located in the former Mike A’s Lounge area at Hotel Lafayette, it’s a quaint space, but somehow we walked right in and sat down on SWEETEST DAY- without reservations. #Badass. I mostly think it’s because this week is WNY Restaurant Week so only the “regulars” were out the night before. For us, Restaurant Week is like Christmas or Easter… as in, we’d go to church every other week except the week where everyone else went. Make sense? PS: we’re now lapsed Catholics.

I got off track there. We ordered some small plates, side plates, and one entree to split and let me tell you up front- we ordered too much. When you imagine small plates at a somewhat shi-shi restaurant, you also start imagining the dessert you’ll order from Dairy Queen on the way home. Here, however, we were shocked by the size of our plates. There were leftovers. So we started with the “risky” choices like Crispy Pig Ear with pickled jalapeños, greens, and fried egg and the Beef and Marrow. First of all- the Pig Ear didn’t look like pig ear (I asked,) so that was good. I loved it until about 9 bites in, when suddenly, it seemed very rich and too heavy to finish. If you like a heaping plate of fried anything- you should try it. The Beef and Marrow was actually tiny slices of rare beef and fried marrow pieces with celery, corn and capers. It was surprisingly refreshing, but also a little on the heavy side. So many fried things. Rich fried things. Next up, our entree of Beef on Weck arrived with an overflowing side of fries served with ketchup and truffle mayo, PLUS Brie Mac&Cheese and Butternut Squash with Bacon. We are fatties. Everything was excellent. My favorite? Probably the squash side dish- so flavorful and sweet at this time of year.

Beef on Weck pic thanks to I’m far too lazy for food porn these days.

Let’s see, what else can I share? Oh yes. I returned to yoga, but just one class because I was exaggerating before. I decided since nothing is convenient for me (and the yoga fear was too overwhelming,) I’d just make a return to the place that really started it all for me- Mind Body Flow in East Amherst. Quite the drive up Transit, but at least I knew what I was getting into. Class was hard but rewarding and it felt great to be back. I survived the following “days of painful and minimal movement,” but I have yet to return. I did try to attend another class in Depew last night but surprise- it was for naught. Dear Reflections Yoga of Depew- please delete your misleading website. Thank you.

Well, I better stop now so we have something to talk about tomorrow. Sweet dreams, old friends.


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