This is Now a Fitness Blog

Did I scare you with that title? I scare myself, too.

First of all, I woke up around 9:00 this morning and laid in bed thinking about what I wanted to do with my day. I came to the conclusion that my only major goal for today is a workout. I also thought about how my immediate reaction should be to jump out of bed, throw gym clothes on, and head out the door. Then, I thought about how much I love having coffee in a real mug, and screwing around online for 3 hours before starting my weekend. So, I did that. And I wonder why I’ve been struggling.

Almost every time I sit down to write this blog, I tell you about how amazing I’m going to be, eating healthy and exercising. Instead of doing all of that, I’ve been drowning my stress in bottles of wine and lots of carbs. LOTS of carbs. The good news is, I didn’t feel better after the wine and carbs. I still love ’em, but ultimately it wasn’t worth it. I’ve decided that in order to get into something I haven’t had a major interest in for months, I have to be all about it, all of the time.

Thus, this is now a fitness blog.

This week- I’m buying my long-avoided new student pass at East Meets West Yoga. I’ve put it off for 3 reasons:

  • It’s nowhere near my home or work. #Convenience? Maybe not.
  • I’m scared. I did one yoga session over the summer (and did it poorly,) and I was in pain for more than a week. Embarrassing.
  • I love Modo Yoga. I only want Modo Yoga. Will anything ever be as good? (Potential disappointment.)

But now that it’s in writing, you are my witness. Call me out on it if I don’t follow through!

Also this week- putting more effort into what i’m ingesting. I don’t know why, but I’ve been surprised by how much starting this hefty new job has taken out of me. When hubs said things like, “What do you want to eat for dinner on football Sunday,” my response was, “I could not give an ounce of a shit about what we eat on football Sunday.” Result? A vat of nacho cheese. I ate a lot of nacho cheese last Sunday.

This week, I may have to do some pre-cooking tomorrow to be ready for success, and that’s okay. I think tomorrow I’ll do some good old fashioned recipe sharing. Remember those days? Vintage Daily Sampler.

Thanks for being patient with me, y’all.

Stay away from me, yellow gold!
Stay away from me, yellow gold!

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