How to go From 0-2 to Success in Fantasy Football and Real Life

I usually try to have a running theme when I post, but sometimes I just miss you and want to ramble for a while, mmmkay? The last 3.5 weeks have been nutty between the new job, a major event, travel every weekend, hubs’ surgery, and now I appear to be coming down with something (figures.) It was nice to have the weekend to stay home and do hardly anything. It gave me a lot of time to think about the following:

How to still care about your fantasy football teams when you’re 0-2, and 8th out of 9 in your pick-em league. 

I’m not going to lie, it’s frustrating. I walked away from both of my drafts feeling decent about my teams. In fact, I really liked one of them, especially. Did you ever have marquee players that just aren’t getting the numbers they’re supposed to? Yeah. That’s where I’m at. All I can do is be grateful I picked against my first choice of Adrian Peterson and chose Matt Forte instead. There are silver linings.

I’ve been at the fantasy game for 8 years now, and have yet to win the whole pot. I’ve come close, but not close enough. It motivates me to be up on things during the week. When others are sleeping, tailgating, or whining like little babies about the waiver wire (you know who you are,) I’m on that players list, looking for diamonds in the rough. Goonies never say die!

How to start working out again after a summer of very sad inactivity.

Sometime within the last 10 posts, I told you I was going to jump back into the workout scene. I lied both to you, and myself. Maybe I wasn’t ready. I have had a lot going on, so I’m working on the “giving myself a break” thing. Still, it’s past due, and it feels like this is it for me. If hubs and I are going to start thinking about having a family any time within the next year, I have to be at a place where my body doesn’t ache simply because it’s morning, or I’m going to have a long 9 months ahead of me when that time does come.

I wax poetic about yoga all the time, but in an otherwise slow period of my life in Halifax, it was the highlight of my time there. It saved my back and my mind. I want it to be a part of the routine again. Recently, a friend from Minnesota brought up Modo Yoga (there’s a studio near her in Minneapolis,) and it made my heart ache. I absolutely fell in love with everything about that practice, and would give anything to have one nearby in Western New York (HI MODO, PLEASE HEAR MY PLEAS.) When you find something you like (and that you can actually do,) it’s hard to commit to something else. Still, I must try.

One of my best friends ran a marathon this weekend. I believe she is a born runner- she’d always be the one suggesting we go to the crappy college gym to put in some time on the treadmill during our undergraduate days. Despite not being able to relate to the running bug, she is incredibly inspiring and her effort provides me with the reminder that when you set your mind and schedule and dedication to something that’s important to you, you CAN do it. You can succeed and push through obstacles. Today, I feel like physical crap, but I’m going to go to the gym and start slowly. It may take extra planning and extra coffee, but I plan to get exercise 4-5 days this week.

The answer to all of these things is: baby steps. One game at a time. Let’s make a date to check back next Sunday and see where our fantasy teams, and workout goals are at. Deal? Now, go get ’em, and GO BILLS!

So close, so close.
So close, so close.

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