Fashion Friday: Workwear Blog Share

It’s fashion Friday! Like how I can take any day of the week and act like it’s a “theme” day that I’ve been following this whole time? I feel like talking about fashion for two reasons: one, because I’m gearing up to start my new job and have to start rebuilding my professional wardrobe. Two, because I have to force myself to workout today, and this gives me 20 minutes of procrastination time. So, let’s enjoy the moment.

The last few years, all of my professional attire has consisted of pieces that I could live without if they were to be ruined by boogers or vomit. Yeah I said boogers on my blog. I loved my time as a teacher, but it was hard for me to get into fashionable workwear when at any moment, there could be a finger-painting accident. That means I have a lot of buying to do- and just for the staples. It’ll be a while before I can add some “fun” or “interesting” elements. Hubs and I are also restarting our budget, so this may be tricky. Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Inspiration for great workwear outfits that are classic, young, and fresh.
  • Nothing too crazy. As in, I am not going to wear clashing patterns just because it’s straight off the fashion week runway.
  • It’s got to be affordable. I’m glad you have a favorite Michael Kors dress that you wear once a month, but that’s not my current reality.
  • It’s a plus if you focus on fashion for tall girls, or hello- girls with curves.

I’m getting back into Pinterest to find some like-minded fashion-spiration blogs that reflect these things, but would love suggestions, too. Send ’em my way and I’ll share them with my minions, at

Here’s some to get us started.

Hello, Gorgeous! – I found this blog on Pinterest, and I love that Yasi is a Michigan girl who wears great staples, but always in a way that looks like it’s a brand new idea. She features lots of bright colors and great statement pieces without being ridiculous or over the top. She does classic but in a very modern way. She’s also super tiny and adorable, but I’ll try not to hold that against her.

Welcome to your new fashion BFF, Yasi. (via Hello, Gorgeous!)
Welcome to your new fashion BFF, Yasi. (via Hello, Gorgeous!)

Nickel City Pretty – A local girl that is a namesake twin? What’s not to like? Hopefully Lindsay isn’t creeped out that I stalk her blog all the time because she’s always sharing great outfits that are the perfect mix of trendy and realistic. She also blogs about travel, Buffalo, and food, so there’s always something good to read. Big fan!

She and Hem – These pretty ladies reached out and connected with me on Twitter [@thedailysampler]. I love their fun and flowery lifestyle blog from across the pond. Jo and Victoria feature looks that are very girly, which I love, but also “outside the box” without being silly. Great pics, everywhere. Thanks for keeping us up to date on all things UK!


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