Nobody on the Road, Nobody on the Beach…

Here’s how I know it’s the end of summer. Today is my first fantasy football draft. The mall is crowded with back to school shoppers and people undressing in the parking lot in an effort to return to Canada tax-free. My teacher friends are posting pics of their new classrooms. The pool looks dirty and I feel guilty looking at it. I don’t want to face it, after such a much-needed and relatively wonderful summer season, but I’m learning lessons about surrender. I’m going to try and not resist the fall.

Like how I got so deep there? Summer helped me evolve. I’m pretty impressed with it, too. So if we’re looking at this next week as the unofficial “last week of summer,” as many people are, we have to make it count. MAKE IT COUNT! Here is what my plans are for the final days of summer, and they are pumped full of some last minute activities from my Buffalo Bucket List that are summer-worthy. I will be blogging about it all, so if there is a spot you think deserves a visit, let me know.

MONDAY & TUESDAY: They are lost causes, because of night shift. I hate night shift and want to complain about it, but remember when I said I’m going to surrender? Night shift ends Wednesday at 1:15AM.


  • Massage. I’m very partial to Advanced Body Care, but an amazing friend of mine treated me to a Massage Envy deal for my birthday, and I’ll be sure to report back on how it is.
  • I’ve scheduled a little outside-the-box getaway for the hubs and I… MUCH needed. We’re going south.
Ellicottville, NY in the summer.
Ellicottville, NY in the summer.


  • Ellicottville. Most of my friends and family have now made the summer pilgrimage, and I’m jumping on that bandwagon, too. Truthfully, I wanted to venture to Niagara on the Lake, but I think that will be a pretty spectacular fall weekend somewhere- it can wait for now. Also, Labor Day ruins everything, as I should know by now from an ill-planned trip to Cedar Point years ago.
  • Niagara Falls. It’s time to head north and get to know my new neck of the woods. I’ll be kicking off my little tour with happy hour at Wine on Third. I’ve heard great things.

Friday 8/29:

  • Yoga. I’ve made a lot of broken yoga promises lately. But this needs to be a part of my life again.
  • Happy Birthday BBQ for my cousin. He’s still got 2 good years ahead of him (he’s turning 28.)

Saturday 8/30:

  • Kayaking at Canalside. I’ve wanted to do this but put it off all summer. Why? I might have a slight fear of falling into the questionably colored canal water. I’m only human.But, the time to hesitate is through.
  • ANOTHER fantasy football draft. This is the one that I’ve spent the last 8 years obsessing over. I just need one win to retire…
  • I’m thinking after a successful draft, there should be a cocktail or two on a Buffalo patio. Tappo? I’ll take votes on this one.

Sunday 8/31:

  • We’re in the VERY early stages of browsing the housing market in Western New York, and I have to say, I’m nervous about the booming prices (although it’s great for the economy, etc., etc.) I’ve been meaning to pop in to some open houses in the area. You can look forward to this as an upcoming Daily Sampler series.

Then? Then it’s September. And an entirely new adventure begins. I wave my white flag at September, but in an excited, joyful, pumpkin spice everything way.


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