The Joy and Sadness of Working the Night Shift

As I mentioned, I work a lot. I currently have a gig working overnight as a copywriter, amongst other things. Did I mention that? I probably did, because I’ve been slogging my way through it with heavy eyelids and yes, sometimes I whine about it. Despite always staying up well past my bedtime, I’ve discovered I’m no night owl when it comes to producing great work at 1 o’clock in the morning. But it’s a fun challenge, and I’m all about challenges.

During the last few weeks, I’ve been carefully exploring the pros and cons of going into work at 4:45PM and leaving at 1:15AM. And now, because I’m desperate for time with my little blog, I will share them with you.

This guy has way better posture than I do.
This guy has way better posture than I do.

The Sadness of Working the Night Shift-

  • Kiss any cool thing going on in the evening goodbye, and kiss it twice goodbye in the summer.
  • Your commute to work is STILL atrocious because of all the people who have left work and are about to move on with their evenings. I hate you, 290.
  • Shredd and Ragan are not on to get you through this commute.
  • When you go on break at 8:30PM, you have about 5 minutes to get into the mall before it closes.
  • Why are there so many damn deer in Lancaster?!? Good luck willing them not to run into your car.
  • You keep trying to get people to go to lunch with you during the day, but oh yeah, everyone is at work.
  • Terrifying thunderstorms at night.
  • Eating cold, leftover chicken wings by yourself on a Friday night, in an empty parking lot.
  • Knowing that Paula’s Donuts AND Jim’s Steakout are less than a mile away, but you aren’t eating carbs.
  • Missing Food Truck Tuesdays at Larkin Square.
  • No one texts you back, because they’re sleeping.
  • Your Fitbit day is shorter than others’ Fitbit day, costing you valuable steps and making you the laughing stock of Fitbit.
  • Cutting yourself off from coffee at 11PM, which doesn’t help you when you’re trying not to pass out at 12:30.
  • Missing out on all the premieres of your favorite shows (I’m pre-dreading this one for fall.)

The Joy of Working the Night Shift-

  • You can still get a tan, all day long, and rub it in people’s faces.
  • Sleeping in, duh.
  • Unlimited doctor appointments, whenever you want.
  • Working out with all the retirees and college students during the day at the gym.
  • Your family feels sorry for you, and gives you a new garage door opener and a parking spot near the house.
  • They replay Fresh Air on NPR at 7PM.
  • Weekends mean more. Trust me.
  • The drive home from work is markedly better than the drive in.
  • Cops feel sorry for you when they pull you over for going 43 in a 35, and let you on your merry way (don’t worry about it, Mom.)
  • You can only eat what you packed in your bag dinner, and that is great news for a classic night binge eater.
  • The BBC Newsday people are surprisingly witty. And it’s fun to say “Ed’n’bra” (Edinburgh, Scotland.) Did you know they are fighting for independence from Britain? Again?
  • You get smarter on night shift.

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