The August Project

I am not trying to talk like summer is over. It’s far from it. I’m also holding out hope for an extended Indian summer, because well, none of us are ready to let go.

One good thing about being on the second side of summer for me, personally, is that most of the major fiestas have already happened and with them, the struggle to make it through without blowing my health inspiration out of the stratosphere. This past weekend was a culmination of new-job exhaustion and 5 weeks of being pretty well behaved on the diet front. I celebrated at a good friend’s bachelorette party with the likes of pizza, cake pops, and you know it… a 2:30AM trip to Jim’s Steakout. I have no regrets, but these bad behaviors did drip into Sunday. By drip I mean there was a water main break of carbs, sugar, and bad decisions.

Monday has rolled around and I now officially have regrets. The lesson is: have a glass of wine. Have a piece of bread. Just don’t have wine, bread, chips, Bison Dip (it’s not the chip, it’s the dip,) and chocolate. Truthfully, it wasn’t that fun after the first few bites. There were many valuable lessons learned this weekend.

So now, it’s the beginning of August and I have an entire month without any major reasons to mess things up. Prior to this, I was having great success with the elimination of sugar and carbs. I hate to use the word, but yes, I gave in and read the Atkins book. I fought against it for so long, but it became hard watching the hubs lose 30 lbs., and not get a piece of that action. As of Saturday, I was down about 14. Not too shabby. Keep in mind, I started in the worst shape of my entire life. Now that I have a general (albeit sometimes less than pleasurable) handle on what to eat to get results, I have to work in the exercise piece. I’ve really slacked in that area this summer. For some reason, I haven’t caught the ‘jogging at the track’ bug that I had the last 2 years, nor have I joined up at one of Buffalo’s many yoga studios. Both of those are on my to do list for this week, or if nothing else, slugging in some time at the new gym I joined.

With this new focus for August, I’ll be exploring and sharing ways to make it fun, do that yoga studio reviewing I promised, and find some new recipes to make a sugar/carbless existence less painful. How are your summer diets going? I’ve seen some great posts out there lately. I’ll probably feature some of those up in here, too, because it’s easier than actually creating my own recipes. Thanks. Love ya. Mean it!

You likey? Life's not so bad.
You likey? Life’s not so bad.

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