Happy Hour – Vitamin D on the Rocks

Aw, remember Happy Hour?! I missed it, so I’m bringing it back. Normally, we discuss some kind of fun cocktail, beer, or mixed drink, but today, we’re discussing the best drug of all: VITAMIN D.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be through this week. I haven’t gone into great detail about my current professional status, because in a way, much of it is still up in the air. But, I’ve been burning it at both ends all week: up early for meetings, burning the midnight oil at work until 1:30, and then up a few hours later to do it all again. It was tough. Around Thursday, I had about a 12 hour panic attack.

But, I’m fine now after some sleep and appreciating this weekend more than ever. One perk of the night shift is getting to enjoy the sunshine on a hot summer day. It’s been more fall-like than anything the last few days. It feels damn good to be outside in a bathing suit.

C’mon. You didn’t think I was going to fail you on Happy Hour front, right? You should know me better than that by now. Let’s talk about icy things to drink outside. Just because it’s August 1st doesn’t mean we have to let go of our summer love. Please, get outside this weekend if you can. Because, it is August 1st.

Lowball and Short Drinks on the Rocks (About.com) – May I suggest the Negroni? I was introduced to the Negroni a year ago in Italy, and on a sweltering day, it makes a surprisingly refreshing appertivo. It is an acquired taste, so if you need something sweeter, this list should have something you can relate to.

Iced Coffee Cocktails for the Ultimate Buzz (Mashable) – It was recently established, yet again, among my smartest Twitter friends that iced coffee is one of the more amazing creations in life. It has saved me and improved my day on several occasions and I can’t think of a better drink to enjoy with a punch of booze while lounging outside on a weekend morning.



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