ReBlog 2: A Very Buffalo Bucket List, July Update

I have to admit, for as busy as I’ve been, I feel like I’m not adequately tackling this list! There are many things I want to do that HAVE to be done soon, before fall creeps its way in. I suppose I’m still adding to the list as I go, so that’s good. And, I can still go spend a weekend at Niagara Lake in September or October, right? Right. (Hint, hint: hubby)


  • Eat at ALL of the food trucks. I’m not even sure how many there are now! [update: 3 down, 22 to go. I’ve been really, really bad at this. You can blame my diet. But, it’s working so…]
  • Attend the Taste of Buffalo. [update: I was sick that weekend! Next year, for sure. I swear.]
  • Run or walk daily. That’s a given. At a track or fantastic trail. It’s summer! [update: I’ve been shamefully inactive during my first 5 weeks of drastically changing my eating habits. They say one thing at a time- right? After this I’m going to the gym…]
  • Join a new yoga studio. I can’t wait to find my new yoga home. [update: I’m starting this week with East Meets West Yoga. Stay tuned for reviews and progress reports!]
  • See a comedy show at Helium. I’m pretty sure this opened after I left, so it’s less embarrassing that I’ve never been. [update: I’m kind of waiting for a certain Bachelorette-reviewing poet to take the stage to make my first appearance. Only the best.]
  • Rent a kayak for the day at Canalside. And probably race people. I’m pretty sure I’m a natural. [update: Been at Canalside LOTS, still haven’t gotten down into that charmingly green water.]
  • See at least one outdoor concert somewhere other than Darien Lake. DL has the worst acoustics in the land. I can’t believe they’re still allowed to host the majority of summer concerts. [update: Beyonce and Jay Z stole all my money. But, I might still make an appearance at Edgefest.]
  • Go for a walk/hike somewhere newI have hiking boots! [update: I have not put on the hiking boots for over a year. Haha.]
  • Go wine tasting. Because, why not? [update: I will throw a fit if this doesn’t occur soon.]
  • Spend a weekend at Niagara-on-the-Lake. This could be paired with the above.
  • Take at least one picture every time I hang out with friends and family. Pictures have gone by the wayside in my life. I really want to capture new memories. [update: I’ve done pretty well at this, at least for the bigger events.]
  • Get involved in the community and volunteer to improve Buffalo. This is something I always put on my to-do list but never followed through with. I have a whole new perspective now.
  • Go to a professional networking event. There are so many great organizations that host fantastic events these days. I need to go to there. [update: I had a great time at Buffalo Social Media day, hosted by the Social Media Club of Buffalo at the always fun Soho Burger Bar. I need more of this in my life.]
  • Attend an important Buffalo social or charitable event. With the main goal of appearing in the back pages of Buffalo Spree, of course. [update: I didn’t make it to BS, but we had a fantastic time at The Buffalo Zoo’s Buffalove Fest!]
  • Make a return trip to each Buffalo museum. My God, we have some great museums that I’ve neglected over the last decade. [update: We’ve decided to save this for the chillier days of fall!]
  • Watch a sunset at the marina. Tradition, formerly partnered with ice cream from The Hatch! [We’ve now visited three times for glorious sunsets, including watching the sun set on my twenties. Awww!]
  • Watch a sunrise from somewhere, preferably while walking/jogging. Beauty+exercise. [update: Screw jogging. I watched the most unforgettable sunrise from my backyard hot tub, and it has remained one of my favorite summer 2014 memories, thus far!]
  • Go to a new restaurant once a month with friends. Probably not new to them, but I’m sure they’ll humor me. [update: Not sure it’s been quite once a month, but I have visited a few new spots including Osteria 166. This is something else I plan to work more on.]
  • Go on a brewery/distillery tour. Many new spots have sprung up since my departure in 2009. Can’t wait to sample them all. [update: Not a tour as of yet, but I did just visit Resurgence Brewing, and fell in love.]
  • Run another 5K. But, I mean run it. [update: Nope. Nothing yet.]
  • Attend Buffalo Spree’s Best of WNY Party at Shea’s. This one looks like a done deal. 😉 [update: It was so tasty!]
  • Plan an unforgettable 30th birthday bash somewhere local and fantastic, but not bank account-breakingWould you still attend if there were a theme that required dressing up in some specific way? Be real. [My Hamptons party was rained out, but we brought the Hamptons in, and brought it hard. It was magical.]
  • Tour Buffalo rooftops and patios. What’s a summer ale if you’re drinking it indoors?
  • Join a band. Surprise! It’s a thing I’m good at. [update: Fun fact- I can sing Bonn Scott with the best of ’em.


  • Get back to Blogging. Maybe not daily, but you deserve better than once a week.
  • Go to the Drive In. I recently saw (via Buffalo News) that WNY only has 4 drive ins, which is way more than some spots in the country, that have none! We are lucky.
  • Dive head first back into FOOTBALL, baby! You’ll see this on the “more blogs per week.”

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