The Third Decade

This post was 30 years in the making.

#BowDown.  Sorry- I really can't help myself.
Sorry- I really can’t help myself.

It still feels weird to type that. To have been on Earth for thirty (30) (XXX) years is an odd thing. I mean, not as weird as being on this Earth for like, 89 years. That’s a long ass time. But 30 is long, too.

It was pretty recently that I sat on my somewhat questionably-safe balcony in southern Italy, musing about only having one year left in my 20s. I spent most of the year preparing myself for the next step, semi-dreading it, semi-wondering what it would hold, how it would feel. I’m still 29 as I write this, but I think I’ve had some revelations over the last year that will help me at 6:21AM tomorrow, when I cross over into the third decade.

  • Life can get really, really hard. It could even get harder. You will feel bad. You might not know what to do or how to handle it when things get really, really hard. But you will. And you will be okay.
  • Things really do get easier when you stop worrying about what every little person thinks about every little thing you do or say. The truth is, they aren’t giving it nearly as much thought as you are, and if they are- get a restraining order or something. Most of the time, they aren’t paying as much attention as you think anyways.
  • When you find something that makes you feel great, keep doing it. Unless it’s drinking profusely, prescription drugs, or anorexia or some shit. I’m talking about the good stuff. For me, it’s singing. I forgot how it made me feel until I just did it again. It made me feel alive.
  • Spend your drive to work thinking of everything you’re grateful for and how far you’ve come. It’ll set you on the right path for the day and distract you from road rage (proven.) Even if you can only think of one thing, hang on to that, and really feel it. If you’re struggling, just be happy you don’t live in North Korea.
  • Be edgier. Not on edge, that’s a different thing.
  • Be calmer.
  • Look at the trees and the sky.
  • Know that it’s good and it’s okay to stand your ground.
  • Listen to your instincts. (Especially if you’re a woman-we have the best instincts.)
  • Love yourself, for better, or less better.
  • Deep breathing really will help you through almost anything, and a good, long stretch can actually crack your back in those hard to reach places, if done right.
  • The best thing in all of life is to love and be loved- not necessarily by a significant other (that’s pretty amazing, too,) but by a parent, a sibling, a student, a mentor, a co-worker, a protégé, an animal, a child (I’d imagine,) or by a friend.

I’m pretty happy with this list, considering I still have a few hours left to figure everything out.

I spent at least nine months staring 7/19/14 in the face, but now that it’s here, I welcome it, in the stylings of the Whos down in Whoville welcoming Christmas Day.

That gold thing in the middle, is 30.
That gold thing in the middle, is 30.

“Welcome 30 while we stand, heart to heart, and hand in hand.”



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