Life is Mighty Good, Part One

What a week! It really had it all. Early in the week, I had the opportunity to meet with some incredible local organizations, learn more about the great things they’re doing, and make plans to work together in an official capacity. As a new small business owner, I’m learning as I go, and each baby step has been pretty exciting. We’ll chat about that more in another post.

Then, you know what happened. I got to sit in the same room as Beyonce and Jay Z. If you’ve been following for a while now, you know my inordinate love for Queen Bey (and how I first officially fell in love back in 2007, when she shook my hand and said, “Hi Lindsay. Nice to meet you!” AHHHHH! I need everyone to understand our relationship and that it started long before she beat Oprah in the ‘Forbes Most Powerful‘ rankings. We’ll talk more about that in another post, too. Sorry. I just realized I have to go to the chiropractor in about 10 minutes.

The following day, I got to sit and soak up the sun with one of my best friends, breathing it in. Please, please don’t make us live through winter again. There are those moments every year around February 26th where I wonder why I tolerate living in a Temperate Deciduous Forest biome, when I could wake up to warmth and sunshine three quarters of the year somewhere else. Then I remember Florida is kind of crappy.

Later that evening, we had the absolute pleasure of attending the Laura Mercier Mega Makeup event at the Walker Center in Williamsville. Not only was there delicious snacks and champagne from one of my new favorites, Giancarlo’s, but we got free La Mer mini facials and Laura Mercier makeup-overs. Did you hear that last part?! I have not had a makeup consultation since I was first learning to put it on, maybe around 13, and it was high time I had a professional artist, flown in from NYC, to share stories with me about the makeup artist at Gossip Girl, and tell me how to upgrade my own application routine. It was probably some of the best girly fun I’ve had in a long time, and I was surrounded by good friends. If you haven’t treated yourself to something luxurious like a facial, massage, or makeup application in a while, girls, DO IT. You will not regret it. PS- we got some amazing Tony Walker Bath and Body goodies along with whatever we purchased, plus 20% off! Me likey.

It can be overwhelming to shop here, if you don’t have champagne to sip on.

This weekend is the Taste of Buffalo, and also my last weekend of “freedom,” before picking up another new work opportunity with a booming local company. I can’t help but reflect on this past year, where I’ve been, what we’ve been through, and what I am so lucky to be enjoying today. To be this busy, to be surrounded by the people I love most in the entire world, to be presented with fantastic professional opportunities and the opportunity to run my own business, it goes to show that everything can fall into place, and if you have to walk through deep muck to get there, it makes it even more worthwhile and enjoyable. You like that good feeling mush? I sure do. Now, off to get cracked. All hail health insurance! Yep!


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