Panic Attack Your Way into Wellness

I have truly started about four different posts over the last week that never quite came to fruition. I will finish this one, I promi…



Ha. I kid. Really, I miss you. The funny business is my coping mechanism, because I’ve been sorting through some real stuff the last couple of weeks. Last weekend, we celebrated the beautiful life of my mother-in-law, who was taken from us so suddenly this winter. You never know all the emotions you have buried inside of you until you dig them back up almost six months later.

Maybe it was in part due to that, or because of all the important tasks going on in my life personally and professionally, that I’ve thought twice now that I was having a heart attack. The real thing, at 29 years old. They were probably (hopefully) panic attacks, brought on by stress and worry and terrible, resurfaced habits, or I have the strongest heart ever, and I’ve beat death several times now. Guess we’ll find out when my Obamacare insurance cards arrive. It’s the good life, what can I say?

I know you’re loving all this info. Well, that’s what you get when we haven’t chatted in a week and a half. These are the type of things people refer to as, “wake-up calls,” reminders to take much better care of yourself. I always welcome the reminders to calm down, chill out, eat healthier, drink much more water, move more, read a book, and write more random, winding blog entries.

Later this week, I’ll have some actually fun write-ups to share, including a return to some great restaurants (where I’ll be dining like a recovering heart patient, of course,) the Best of WNY party at Shea’s, and a first time visit to the Karpeles Manuscript Museum. In the meantime, let’s talk clean living. WOOO! Tuesday!

Heart Healthy Recipes (Cooking Light) – I can’t believe I’m actually looking at these. There’s nothing wrong with eating heart healthy, and I prefer to skew towards the Mediterranean side of things. You don’t see any 90 year old Italians walking around, grabbing their chest. Those people are good stock. Here’s some basics to get you (me) back on the right track.

Mediterranean Diet for Heart Health (Mayo Clinic) – I still feel like a human when there are olives and red wine on a lifestyle plan. Just make sure the olives aren’t in a martini.

Breathing Exercises to Relax in 10 Minutes or Less (Time) – Because that’s about all the time I have for it today.




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