Happy Hour- How You Can Fill the Limo Cocktails Gap

I want you to know, there are NO POSTS ON THE INTERNET about the best drinks to serve in a limo. Creative minds unite; this is a huge gap in society that is prime for filling. Get out there and write something! And if you do, send me the link and you’re immediately going to be featured right up herre. I spelled herre that way, not because I’m illiterate, but because I’m listening to “Hot in Herre,” by the incomparable Nelly, to get ready for this weekend’s bachelorette party. One of my favorite things about friends getting married is the late 90’s and early 2000’s music mix we get to stumble around to all night. Glory days.

So because of the limo-cocktail-blog-post-shortage, here is some other stuff you can drink at bachelorette parties. And more importantly, don’t forget to bring snacks. Snacks save lives.

Bachelorette Party Drinks (Cosmopolitan) – Make sure it looks pretty, in a plastic cup. Ain’t nobody got time for broken glass.



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