Buffalove Fest 2014

I’m thinking that for the foreseeable future, The DAILY Sampler is going to be more of a hypothetical daily. It didn’t used to be this way, guys, but I am happy to say life has gotten incredibly busy, in a good way. Most of my posts this summer will be Buffalo and Western New York centric, which based on the feedback, won’t be a major problem for many of you.

Last night- phew. Last night escalated rather quickly, and that was all thanks to the 2nd annual Buffalove Fest 2014 at The Buffalo Zoo. As someone who never had the opportunity to attend the immensely popular Wines in the Wild event, I didn’t know what to expect. What I found was a lovely, well-situated event for adults, with no shortage of food, drink, or live music. There were animals, too.

I toted 13 of my nearest and dearest down to the event, and of course, our first task was to get a beer. We were greeted by local choices ranging from a classic Labatt Blue, to the quickly sold out Flying Bison Rusty Chain. Two drinks were included with our purchased ticket ($20 presale, online) but we had no trouble finding plenty of other fun ways to spend actual cash. Other adult beverage favorites included the organic red Pinot Noir, from Sweetness 7 Cafe, and the red wine slushies from the Wine Not? food truck.

Be still my heart. <3
Be still my heart. ❤ via Buffalo Zoo

After strolling the Zoo grounds to check out all the cute animals (we’re in love with baby gorilla Nyah, and the sea otters,) we had the terribly hard choice of choosing a food truck for dinner. There were MANY choices. At long last, I had my first taste of Betty Crockski, and it was worth said wait. Three pierogis (cheese, sauerkraut, pork,) and a sausage covered in homemade mustard later, I was ready to either a) take a satisfying nap, or b) walk it off and continue Buffaloving. Other family members raved about the Bahn Mi sandwich from BMFT, and the Frank Bruni from Frank’s Gourmet Hotdogs. Needless to say, we did NOT have to come home and order a backup pizza later in the evening.

The best part about the Buffalove Fest was browsing all the great local vendors (yes, I bought a t-shirt,) the live music (reunited at last with Lance Diamond,) and the fact that it was a 21-and-over event. Sorry WNY families. Check back with me in like a year, maybe I’ll be looking for ‘best mommy night out ideas,’ or something. Ultimately, as my first official, I-live-in-Buffalo-again event, I couldn’t have asked for a better reintroduction to all things Buffalove.

Someone must have had a little too much polish food.
Someone must have had a little too much polish food.



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