Happy Hour – Save Your Weight Loss with Mocktails

Friday friends! The weekend has arrived. And it’s a holiday weekend. What could be better? I’ll tell you what- losing seven pounds in a week. Sure, some of it was probably the freakish amounts of water I was retaining while on vacation, but some of it is from my own valiant effort. So the conundrum is- what to do at all of this weekend’s BBQs and drinking parties? What. To. Do…? I’d like to not lose my healthy edge, but three full days of celebration is hard to opt out of. My strategy will probably be to “dabble” in a cocktail or two, maybe take one bite of something extra extravagant, and then find other fun distracting substitutions. Let’s take a look at options.

Healthy Summer Drink Recipes (Eating Well) – If I can’t have the real thing, I like to at least pretend. A nice club soda with lots of lemon, lime, or other fruit is a good, refreshing stand-in for some kind of sugary punch, but if you can get even more creative with mixers and add-ins, you can make your healthier drink much more interesting. My other tip is to arrive at any BBQ with your own, pre-bought iced coffee or iced tea beverage. Iced coffee gets me (almost) as excited as having a drink.

Sugar-Free Non Alcoholic Drinks (Pinterest) – Leave it to the people to get extra creative with the low carb, sugar, and alcohol free cocktails.




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