These are a Few of my Favorite Things : Buffalo Websites

Hey there. I am so excited. Why? Because I’m still uuber-obsessed with Buffalo. Sometimes I try to keep a cap on it, in an effort not to annoy people who have been “stuck” here endlessly their entire lives, or bother the handful of non-WNYers I follow on Twitter and Facebook. But guys, really. I want to shout it from the rooftops.

I’ll be sharing plenty of favorites from every category, but today, it is favorite programs and websites day. There are so many… this is just a.. wait for it.. sampler. Had to.

Step Out Buffalo– Okay, I think SOB (haha, sorry I’m like 13 years old sometimes,) is a relatively new site, featuring not only your traditional “where to eat in town” type stuff, but also thinking-outside-the-box topics like Bargain Bites in Downtown, Oddball Ways to Shape Up in WNY, and the topic on everyone’s mind- Great Rooftop Bars in Buffalo. I’ll be spending a lot of time on this site as summer begins and progresses.

Go Bike Buffalo – In my heart, I’m a cyclist. I don’t have a cool, expensive bike at the moment, and I don’t always think Buffalo is the most bike-friendly city out there (in fact, I know it’s not.) Yet, I fully support the pro-biking movement, especially in the city. After spending time in Minneapolis, I fell in love with the idea of supporting a bike culture and even better, having a functional bike rental system like that of Minneapolis’. Perhaps we’re moving in the right direction? Check out this page, featuring programs, events, maps, etc. for bicyclists.

Buffalo BikeShare – I hope this is just the beginning of a city-wide bike rental system. I have yet to check it out, but am quite excited about its existence. Let’s push for more even more hubs and use them. What a great way to tour the city with out-of-towners and townies alike.

Buffalo Event Calendar – I need a well-organized event calendar in my life. I’m already finding that I discover events and activities the day of, and scramble to get myself to them. I’m working on it! Visit Buffalo Niagara knows what they’re doing. If you know of any other frequently updated calendars, send them over!

Ride your heart out, Buffalo.
Ride your heart out, Buffalo.

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