The Clean Eating Headache Experiment

Welcome to the week I have no travel plans. It’s crazy and weird, and I LOVE it. Finally, things like fitness and my once-elusive social life are falling back into place. I actually received some great news last night, that I’ll be joining the team at Chatterbox Media, and I couldn’t be more excited. Y’all know I’ve been working hard on the work front to secure the perfect job. I have been ready to take the next step for some time, and now, the time is right. (I used “y’all” in honor of my good friend and new colleague. She’s going to teach me to be a Southern belle.)

So the big thing for us this week is detoxing- literally, from our vacation. Not only were we eating and drinking Godknowswhat, but I personally became a super attractive, swollen balloon of discomfort. I don’t know if it was the heat, the excess salt, or what, but it wasn’t pretty. And did I mention it was uncomfortable? Less than a week later of better-ish food choices, and I feel human again. We’ve cut the alcohol, the processed crap, most carbs, and upped the produce and lean protein intake. And water. Lots and lots of water. Someone in this house has already lost NINE pounds. NINE! It wasn’t me.. I’m only 87% jealous about it. Still, it’s hard to ignore what a difference some slight changes make, and how quickly everything can improve.

A big experiment we’re partaking in is whether or not the hubs finds relief from his daily headaches. He has tried so many things to avoid the daily pounding he seems to be prone to, with little success. I have a fairly strong suspicion that gluten might be a contributing factor to his pain. Soon, we’ll be able to officially find out, (yayyyy Obamacare/’merica) but until then, I’m just hoping a major change in diet helps. Stay tuned.

It feels really good to be back to eating real food again, and I’m not alone. The diet tides are a-changing, my friends.

Dieters Move Past Calories, Food Makers Follow (WSJ) – Ever wonder why after your zero fat, sugar-free, low carb yogurt, you’re still hungry? Well, besides the fact that you’re eating a bunch of garbage, there isn’t much else going on there.

Real Food Defined ( – A nice list for your pantry. It’s so easy to get swept up in “easy” food that’s labeled as healthy. That whole stay on the perimeter of the grocery store thing is actually pretty good advice.

Vegetables on display in produce section of grocery store. On an iPhone.
Taste the rainbow.

6 thoughts on “The Clean Eating Headache Experiment

  1. Congrats on the job, Lindsey!!! And since has been going through so much food related stuff, I feel you. But our diet has become better, and it has had really good impact on us. Totally worth it.

    1. Believe me, I’m trying not to be scared and paranoid about what could be wrong. His dad gets chronic headaches too, so there could be a hereditary culprit lurking somewhere in there. After a year of fake Canadian insurance, we’re getting our ducks in a line.

      And thanks for the well wishes 🙂

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