The Disney Sampler: Secret Facts and the Dark Side of Disney

This post will be the least helpful in your planning process. However, they are the things I found most interesting about Disney World and its history. Some of them are a little on the creepy side, and I don’t care what you think of me for including them. Judge now, but I promise you you’ll be reading these in the bathroom within the next three hours. I won’t tell anyone.

90 Strange Facts About Walt Disney and His Theme Parks ( – Because it’s fun, more fun than doing laundry.

The Dark Side of Disney ( – This will just open the door to all of the Googling you can do about “Disney deaths.” I know you’re intrigued. It’s just like trying to find the hanging munchkin during ‘The Wizard of Oz.’

Defunct Disney World Attractions ( – The new Seven Dwarfs (that’s how it’s spelled, I’m not wrong) Mine Train ride may open May 28th (we’ll miss it by just a few days,) but in my opinion, nothing can replace that old, creepy Snow White’s Scary Adventures ride that came original with the park. I hear you can still see it in Disney Land, but I doubt for much longer.

Sweet dreams, kids.
Sweet dreams, kids.



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