Travel Planning is Super Fun and Other Stories

Surprise! Planning a trip is stressful! That’s why I haven’t been around much this week. Now, I’m a bit of a world traveler, so I never expected that planning the ins and outs of a trip to Disney World, of all places, would get my stress levels soaring. I’ve been griping on Twitter about the ineffectiveness of the WDW website. Please, get some more bandwidth or something! Argh! My latest obstacle is finding out that my husband and cousin may/may not actually have a ticket on the flight out of here. Shhh… they don’t know it yet.

Let’s take a deep breath and move on. All next week while I’m away, you’ll get to enjoy my Disney Sampler series. This will be helpful to you if you’re like me, and expect an internationally respected brand to provide you with easy options for vacation planning, but instead find it’s easier to go to Bangladesh. If you’re not soon embarking on a trip to Orlando, you will appreciate the series for its fun facts, or you’ll hate it because you’re not the one on vacation. It’ll be okay. You’ll have one someday.

In the spirit of travel, here’s a few goodies, including a repost about how it’s OKAY to BYOB on flights, long and short.

Drinks on a Plane (The Daily Sampler) – Whoa. This is the first time I’m referring to myself in the third person on my blog and referring you back to my blog. Brain freeze. This includes a great article about how the US (or Canadian) Transportation Safety Administration will NOT confiscate your sandwich bag of mini-booze bottles. Unless they’re major jerks/alcoholics.

Packing Tips (The Independent Traveler) – A while back, I debated packing methods. I was long ago taught what I guess is officially called “the bundle method,” but in the 2014 world of baggage searches and last minute item switching, it no longer seemed efficient to me. I’ve switched to “the roll method”, and so far, I think I’m happier with it. This one has a bunch of choices, and you can be the judge of what’s best.

Travel Hacks ( – I’m pretty comfortable with going just about anywhere and all the stuff that goes along with it. Still, when working with a travel agent who assumes you’ve never left the house before, I remember just how many pieces of travel knowledge I take for granted because I am so used to them. People who don’t travel much can really benefit from this list, and hell, so can I. 1#8- souvenir lists. That would save me so much stress.


A fun travel game: counting how many people actually have non-wheeled luggage.
A fun travel game: counting how many people actually have non-wheeled luggage.

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