Happy Hour – Parade of the Michigan Craft Beers

Greetings and apologies for the late post. I like to get you thinking about happy hour bright and early, but this morning, I woke up with a terrible sore throat. That’s what I get for having one night of social life! Ha! It was worth it though, and it inspired me so much that I’m here to talk to you today about something of great importance: Michigan craft beer.

While hanging with my buddy who has the coolest job on earth (Bell’s Brewery Rep,) I learned A LOT about all the great offerings of Bell’s, and my taste buds remembered what truly great beer tastes like. I’ve been off the hops for quite some time now, most in part to the high gluten content and what it can often do to my poor tummy. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t, but I have to say, making my return to beer last night was 100% enjoyable. It tastes so good, once it hits your lips (etc.)

If you have a local beer scene- explore it. Michigan is a place that has really been at the center of the local craft beer renaissance, and I’m happy to have lived in a place that boasts so many fantastic beers. If your local beer scene leaves something to be desired, make a trip to your big selection liquor or beer store, and start sampling! There’s a chance you’ll find Bell’s or another great Michigan brew on your shelves.

Michigan’s Best Breweries Guide (MLive) – For those of you who don’t think I do enough pro-Michigan stuff, this one’s for you. Cheers!



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