The In-Between: Realities of the (Job) Hunt

It’s been another exhilarating week. Ups, downs, travel; we’ve got it all. I’m in Michigan hanging with the (other) family and it’s been nice. I had the realization that my life will never be what’s traditionally considered “normal,” because holidays will always be split and my heart will always be missing the friends I’ve made along the way. I’ll always be half living out of a suitcase. Good thing we’re comfortable throwing stuff in a bag and hitting the road, NBD. Hubs and I were musing the other day how adorable our family is, fretting about our trip to Florida next week, wondering how many bags to pack, worried that they haven’t started packing yet. It’s pretty cute. If nothing else, my life has taught me to be extremely flexible, to roll with the punches, and keep on keepin’ on. Did I miss any clichés for that one?

Since I started my job hunt in November of 2013, people keep suggesting I share my experience on the blog. It’s not ever really something I wanted to get into, for personal and professional reasons. I’m going to break that rule today, because it’s been quite the roller coaster. I think a lot of other people are experiencing similar scenarios. You’re not alone.

From the first set of resumes I sent out during the winter, (and I have put in probably over a hundred,) I’ve been really lucky. Even from the faraway reaches of Atlantic Canada, I had the opportunity to interview with Buffalo businesses and organizations that are crucial to the Western New York community and economy. I’ve been runner-up for the big job in three of those searches. That is both something I’m proud of, and also, frankly, kind of disappointed in. Is it better to come so close, than to not be in the running at all? Probably. It doesn’t change the overall fact that my search continues.

Many believe that setting my professional sights on Western New York is a hopeless endeavor. While on a potential upswing, Buffalo’s economy has not been known for facilitating tons of job growth, especially in the years following the national economy collapse. In my search, I’m happy to report already seeing things improve tenfold. That doesn’t make it easy to get a job, though. Our area is chock-full of highly educated, talented professionals, all vying for the same positions. And I’m certainly going about it a unique way. I chose a city first, and then followed with a job search. These days, most people will go wherever the jobs are. Another thing I’ve learned during my search is that I don’t want to be a part of some other city’s revival. I want to be at the center of my city’s revival. That is my goal, and one I will continue to pursue.

Maybe the best part of this whole ride has been the amount of people I’ve connected with, both old friends and new faces. I’ve said it before, but seriously, it’s almost impossible not to get all warm and fuzzy over the people who have reached out with networking opportunities and job descriptions. I announced I was coming home, and was flooded with people looking out for me, continuously, for the last six months. All I can say is thank you.

So, advice to everyone out there hitting the pavement with me: keep moving forward. Stay positive (I actually hate that one, it’s the worst.) It’s good advice, though. Take the disappointments with a grain of salt (and a tequila chaser.) Push yourself out of your comfort zone and meet as many new people as possible. I do believe life takes us where we’re supposed to be. And since I have the luxury of a blog following: connect with me on LinkedIn. Had to. Enter hopeful-faced Emoji here.

We all have to do some rebuilding, sometimes.
We all have to do some rebuilding, sometimes.

5 thoughts on “The In-Between: Realities of the (Job) Hunt

  1. J says:

    There have been lots of great Daily Samplers I have read – I think this is my favorite one ever. Thanks for inspiring us!

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