Let’s Have a Frank Discussion About Season 6 of The Voice

Just when it seemed like the millionth inception of ‘American Idol’ and other junky talent shows like ‘The X-Factor’ had ruined reality voice competition forever, ‘The Voice’ cometh. In 2011, NBC managed to get four relevant musicians to sit in spinny chairs, and judge contestants not by whether or not they had star quality, but by the power of their voice, alone. It was television magic, and the contestants, thank goodness, proved that there was still undiscovered talent floating around in America. Not that I really thought there wasn’t, but the caliber of people appearing on shows like ‘American Idol’ were no longer the bone chilling greatness of Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, or Carrie Underwood. I even felt sure I could beat the people competing. I’m not too shabby, but I’m no Kelly Clarkson.

I joined ‘The Voice’ late in the game, for season three. Every single time I tuned in (which admittedly, wasn’t every time because it airs far too many times per week,) I was awed by the sheer vocal prowess of the majority of contestants. It was goose bump-worthy stuff, and watching it always put me in a great mood. As a singer (surprise, I sing,) I pride myself on having a fine-tuned ear. I can hear the flats and the sharps, and I’m a pretty harsh judge of vocal performance. The people coming out of the woodwork to audition on ‘The Voice’ were shockingly good. I couldn’t get enough.


Then came this season, season six. Even though when the season began, I had very little going on in terms of a life, I still had trouble watching. Why? Because no one blew me away. The goose bumps were gone. I easily let go and forgot to watch every week. Now that I’m back home and currently staying with Usher’s girlfriend (my mom,) I’m back to watching weekly, just in time for the top 10. Sad news: most of contestants that have made it to the top 10 still don’t blow me away.

Last week, I sat in the living room while ‘The Voice’ aired in the kitchen, and without knowing who was singing and when, I listened to the worst renditions of cover songs that I’ve ever heard on that show. By everyone. I was so bummed. What’s happened to this innovative competition? Are we out of great talents AGAIN? Are the producers getting lazier with their audition process? Are the judges? Am I just being too Simon Cowell-y? Can I please be on the show? Leave your thoughts below.

Season 6 Top 10 : Quick and Dirty Judgements (based on 4/28 performances)

ImageChristina was by far my favorite performance. Her deconstructed piano rendition of Drake’s ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home,’ was the absolute most imaginative and memorable song choice, and her voice sounded pretty on point. I liked that she could do both the power notes and quieter notes justice. So many other performers rely on that one belt to carry the whole song. That isn’t the be all, end all of performing.


ImageI think he sang a Cee Lo song. It wasn’t enough to keep me interested.





Image Of the “rocker chicks,” she seems to be the better one. At least, that’s what I got from this episode. She even knew who Graham Nash was. That’s a plus.




Image I should feel bad that Adam was honest about her performance of Avril Lavigne’s ‘I’m With You,’ and made her cry, but I don’t. It was really awful, and if you’re in the top 10, it should be better than awful. Bria was one of the few people I remember from last week when I wasn’t even actually watching with my eyes, because I thought her performance that week was terrible, too. I’m sorry. It’s just noise/yelling.


Image I’m a sucker for Kenny Loggins, and I thought he did pretty well with ‘This Is It.’ He was kind of weak, though, but at least he hit the notes and showed some restraint.




Image I don’t even remember who this is.





Image A good friend of mine knows Kristen! That is so exciting! I think she is one of the better singers, even though her focus is country, and it’s hard for me to get behind that.




ImageI remember Audra, and I remember that I didn’t think her performance was as good as everyone else said it was. It was some country song I don’t know, so that probably doesn’t help. I remember it being hard to listen to, and I allowed my mom to fast forward through the end of it.




ImageYou know what I’m going to say. Maybe he’s good normally, but tonight, it wasn’t good. Not even close to good enough to stay around.




ImageSisaundra is kind of your typical powerhouse singer. It’s great, but it gets boring. Tonight, I thought she could have done a LOT more with an actual Journey song instead of choosing Steve Perry’s solo ‘Oh Sherry.’ Didn’t get that choice. Also, she relied heavily on that last powerful note to make the entire performance interesting. You can’t do that, Sisaundra. See above.


6 thoughts on “Let’s Have a Frank Discussion About Season 6 of The Voice

  1. the winegetter says:

    LOL, you and Nina should meet and discuss this…she watches the show and I swear to God, if Shakira says “You have that certain raspiness in your voice” one more time, I will throw up…

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