Happy Hour – Celebratory Cocktails

What better reason to celebrate than the fact that it’s the weekend? It’s also April. You may only see hints of snow in the air maybe three or four more times, at most. You can stay up late tonight. Perhaps it’s pay day? There are plenty of options. Get creative, think of your own. I plan to celebrate a lot this weekend, for one reason or another. I’ve also decided that any drinks I have in the near future should be champagne-based because A) champagne is gluten free, B) one glass has less calories than light beer, and C) it’s friggin’ champagne. It deserves more play than just on New Year’s Eve. You’d be smart to follow in my footsteps on this one. Now celebrate…celebrate… dance to the music.

Celebratory Bubbly Cocktails (Saveur) – Don’t forget to point away from yours or other people’s faces. Safety first.




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