The In-Between : Moving Back Home, Like Back, Back Home

Real quick- people have asked, “Where the heck are all your old posts, Daily Sampler?!” Let me give you a quick rundown. After the redesign and reorg, I’ve arranged things a little differently, and am still building it back up. Your first step should be to head over to the left side of the blog, and find the drop down menu under, “Recently on the Daily Sampler.” I’ve been here since 2012, and all the goods are still around to blow your mind. Also on the sidebar are main categories, slightly different from before, but if you still want to find The In-Between, it’s there. All my sampling abroad and in Michigan are listed under the Travel category. If you are looking for something in particular, say “bad eyebrows,” or “the island of Capri,” you’d do best to scroll all the way to the bottom to the search bar and type in your query. I promise it’s somewhere out there. Let me know if you need help navigating.

Now, for as much as it’s been awesome to be home nearly a full week now, I feel like I can’t really dig in and take a bite. Why? Because I’m leaving again this weekend. Then I’ll return, but after that? Leaving again. I mean, it’s to go to Disney World, so no complaints. Maybe this will just be the scope of my life forever and ever. Still, it is cramping my Buffalo sampling style, just a teeny bit. While I’ll have to wait to start my yoga sampling series, I may be able to get some eating in. Yeah, I’ll probably make time for some local eats. You’re welcome.

The funny thing about coming home and ahem…moving back in with your parents (sigh,) is that it’s bizarre and unnatural. Visiting is one thing, but staying until you’re back in the high life again, well, it’s different. It also effects your mindset when it comes to things like attending events in the city. The city? That’s so far from Lancaster. This is from a girl who just drove two full days from Halifax like it was nothing. Do you know where Nova Scotia is? No one’s looking- Google it. I won’t tell. It’s really far. Yet, going to Hertel for dinner seems like a task. It’s crazy how quickly skewed perception takes the place of years of dreams and good intentions.

That’s why we need to talk about perception, action, and gratitude. Moving home automatically puts you back into that role of “kid.” Whether you want to or not, and whether you’re incredibly grown-up or not, it’s inevitable. Your mom will tell you not to go out because the weather is bad, and you’ll think that it’s probably easier to just do what she says. You’ll go out tomorrow instead, she won’t have to worry, and you won’t have to get your hair wet.

I now need to work on the PAG plan. I just made that up. Cute, right? Perception. It shifts quickly and without you noticing. Remember what you want, write it down if you need to, make plans. Action. Just do it. No other thoughts necessary. Gratitude. Be grateful and appreciate. My husband reminded me last night that although things aren’t perfect, (when are they ever?) they are pretty damn good. I get to hug my mom every night before I go to bed. Really, when you think about it, things are pretty damn good.

Once we’re finished unpacking, there’ll be so much more room for activities.



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