What to Buy on Your Spring 2014 Shopping Spree

So, one of the things I’ve been waiting to do at home is to embark on a giant shopping spree. When I say giant, I mean maybe six to nine items. I don’t want to make the hubs nervous. After a year of going without, Canadian style, that feels pretty giant to me. Those people were willing to buy leggings from a department store for $55. I kid you not.

What do I need? Everything. There’s summer/Florida clothes, shoes, and of course, interview and work attire. (#hiremeplease) It’s important when your giant shopping spree is actually kind of mini, to only get great staples and up-to-date necessities. Let us explore.

Standout Spring Skirts (Who What Wear) – I have a feeling this summer season will be all about skirts, NOT dresses, and I think that because I just made it up. The nice thing about having a good skirt selection is that you’re able to totally change the shape of an outfit with just a small tweak, and make a top and accessories look different than the last time you wore it. I will buy one skirt. Maybe.

Spring Shoe Trends 2014 (Elle) – My cousin and I were just discussing shoe trends of the last year and I had to tell her all about the “heeled high top sneaker,” that was so prevalent in Europe last summer. She didn’t believe me. I had to Google it for her. I’m okay if that trend is over with. I’m also okay with the idea of a stacked heel coming back into rotation. Not anything too clunky, but I am a tall girl who wears flats. Translation: I don’t do skinny little stilettos. I’ll tip over. The stacked heel is great news for me. Also, mules are back, too.

The Most Wearable Spring Fashions From the Runway (Glamour) – Did we make a decision yet on crop tops for normal people? I still say no. This isn’t Coachella.

Trying too hard, 2014 edition.
Trying too hard, 2014 edition.




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