To-Do List : Getting Settled in Buffalo

Well, that was a fantastic weekend. There was gorgeous weather, gorgeous family, and gorgeous food. Now, it’s time to get focused on the resettling process. So much on the to-do list, so little time. Really. Because by the end of the week I have to head over to Michigan to visit family. Never a dull moment!

This week’s to-do list involves several elements I’d love to get your take on. Although I’ve been home frequently (like, more than anyone else who has ever left town,) I still feel like I’m not always informed of the latest and greatest in Buffalo. Here’s what I need to discover in the near future:

  • A yoga studio. This one is super important, as I’ve been lucky enough to build a base practice for myself while out of the country. It’s made such a difference in my life. I can’t wait to find a new yoga home! I do know it won’t be Bikram. Tried it- not for me. But, I do love hot yoga so.. yeah.
  • Best place for local produce. I think it’s too late to join a farm share this season (my dream!) That aside, where is your favorite spot for fruit and veggie goodness? It’s a main part of my STAT Plan lifestyle, so I want it to be extra yummy.
  • A gym. I’m looking cheap for this, since I’d rather spend the bulk of my fitness budget at a great yoga studio. I’m leaning toward Catalyst Express, although I know I’ll miss that class component. I’m open to ideas.
  • Fav mani/pedi spot. It’s been far too long. Far, far too long! Emergency.
  • Best happy hour locale. I have a lot of friends to catch up with.

That’s the scoop for today. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Now, I’m off to Delta Sonic. Rhandi the Rav4 has had a long, dirty week.

I could always just grab my mat and do this everyday...
I could always just grab my mat and do this everyday…



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