Happy Hour – Emotional Release and Jellybeans

Well, that was a whirlwind. Two and a half days later, we are home. Did you ever have a moment where everything just comes together and it creates some creepy, uncontrollable emotional reaction? That happened to me the first day of travel. After sleeping for a total of an hour or so the night before, I got into the car and navigated about four solid hours of classic Maritime crap weather: hurricane force wind, sideways rain, then sideways ice, becoming sideways snow. It’s part not getting blown off the road, part squinting in an effort to see where the lanes are. Basically I had a four hour, white knuckled panic attack. Surely, something terrible would happen to cap off our terrible time in Nova Scotia, I feared. Somehow, we made it through the wall of precipitation and on the other side? Sunshine and America. I’m not exaggerating. That’s when it cleared up. And as the clouds broke and the sky lightened, my iPod just happened to click onto “Here Comes the Sun,” and I was reduced to a mass of sobs. Dramatic. I think every hardship we’ve endured the last nine months, combined with one last metaphoric and literal storm to pass through set the perfect stage for a major release. YES it HAS been a long, cold, lonely winter. It does feel like years since it’s been here.

But, here we are. I am so grateful to be back, and that we can move forward!

Speaking of which, in the midst of all this, The Daily Sampler launched its redesign, some new features (coming soon,) and some of my favorite posts in a while. I know I’m laying the Buffalove a little thick, but bear with me. I’m so incredibly excited to be home, and still can’t quite believe it’s real. Apparently you’re okay with it, because the DS has experienced a giant surge in traffic, plus lots of awesome, heartfelt comments. They’ve been so fun to read. I love hearing that so many Buffalonians out there feel the exact same way as I do! I also love the Bucket List ideas and volunteers to help make it all happen. I’ll be featuring posts on all my Buffalo adventures, coming in the weeks ahead. Pumped.

Okay now- finally. Let’s get to some Happy Hour. If your week has been anything like mine, I know you’re ready. Oh, plus it’s a holiday.

Easter Cocktail and Candy Pairings (visaliatimesdelta.com) – What? You thought you could just shove a handful of jellybeans into your mouth and wash it down with… a mimosa? No. You can’t.





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