A Very Buffalo Bucket List

I’m not going anywhere, hopefully, but I do have a lengthy list of things I want to do now that I’m (nearly) BACK. It’s been years since I’ve been able to participate in even the most mundane Buffalo activities. So, my desire to jump back in, be a tourist in my own backyard, and experience all of the new (and old) things there are to do in my beloved city fuel this Buffalo Bucket List. Spring and summer are obviously the best times to tackle many of these items.

As I cross items off the list, I’ll share all the details with you. Then you’ll have to help me think of new ideas so my bucket list never ends, because if it did, it would make me incredibly nervous and superstitious. I’m a crazy Italian gypsy person.


  • Eat at ALL of the food trucks. I’m not even sure how many there are now!
  • Attend the Taste of Buffalo. It’s so embarrassing, but I never have attended, that I can remember. Wouldn’t be against being a taste-tester either… (hint.hint.hint)
  • Run or walk daily. That’s a given. At a track or fantastic trail. It’s summer!
  • Join a new yoga studio. I can’t wait to find my new yoga home.
  • See a comedy show at Helium. I’m pretty sure this opened after I left, so it’s less embarrassing that I’ve never been.
  • Rent a kayak for the day at Canalside. And probably race people. I’m pretty sure I’m a natural.


  • See at least one outdoor concert somewhere other than Darien Lake. DL has the worst acoustics in the land. I can’t believe they’re still allowed to host the majority of summer concerts.
  • Go for a walk/hike somewhere newI have hiking boots!
  • Go wine tasting. Because, why not?
  • Spend a weekend at Niagara-on-the-Lake. This could be paired with the above.
  • Take at least one picture every time I hang out with friends and family. Pictures have gone by the wayside in my life. I really want to capture new memories.
  • Get involved in the community and volunteer to improve Buffalo. This is something I always put on my to-do list but never followed through with. I have a whole new perspective now.
  • Go to a professional networking event. There are so many great organizations that host fantastic events these days. I need to go to there.
  • Attend an important Buffalo social or charitable event. With the main goal of appearing in the back pages of Buffalo Spree, of course.
  • Make a return trip to each Buffalo museum. My God, we have some great museums that I’ve neglected over the last decade.
  • Watch a sunset at the marina. Tradition, formerly partnered with ice cream from The Hatch!
  • Watch a sunrise from somewhere, preferably while walking/jogging. Beauty+exercise.
  • Go to a new restaurant once a month with friends. Probably not new to them, but I’m sure they’ll humor me.
  • Go on a brewery/distillery tour. Many new spots have sprung up since my departure in 2009. Can’t wait to sample them all.
  • Run another 5K. But, I mean run it.

10 thoughts on “A Very Buffalo Bucket List

  1. You should do the taste of Buffalo once, but my favorite and I think the real best of Buffalo is the annual Artvoice Best of Awards at the Towne Ballroom (i think it happens in the fall). It’s essentially a curated taste of Buffalo.

    Best place to watch the sun rise – Chestnut Ridge

  2. Love! Yes!! Suggested edits and additions: 1. Help me taste test at Taste. So. Much. Food! 2. Outdoor concerts downtown instead of DL! 3. I am recruiting you for a fun volunteer committee.

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