Happy Hour – No Apologies and Yes Canadian Cocktails

Friday. Fridays for me have been tough over the last few months. It’s usually the day you let loose and celebrate the weekend with friends, celebrating accomplishments and hurdles jumped throughout the week. My Fridays haven’t been quite as triumphant, but today is the last Friday I have to spend wishing I was somewhere else.

You might have been puzzled about the latest DS post, “What Kind of Sucks About Halifax,” and wondered why it was asking you for a password. That wasn’t a glitch. I wrote about a lot of the things we observed and experienced in Nova Scotia, and I know that not everyone will appreciate reading about it, so I decided to make it a by-request-only read. If you’re interested in reading, shoot me a FB message, email (thedailysampler[at]gmail.com), or tweet @thedailysampler, and I’ll provide you with the super duper secret password. I will say, the feedback I’ve gotten so far (from Haligonians included,) hasn’t been as negative as I thought it might be. Again, I wasn’t trying to be a jerk, just wanted to express my honest view.

I always feel like I have to follow up my thoughts with apologies, mostly because there are some really lovely people here that I’ve been lucky to have met (many of whom I get to hang with tonight and tomorrow,) and I don’t want to hurt their feelings. But then, I hope they’re understanding enough for me to really tell you- it’s been like 67% shitty being here. It just has. God’s honest truth. I’m tired of apologizing for it.

One other quick note- I’m hoping to have my new design launched before lift-off on Tuesday morning. You may not hear from me much until then, but when you do, I promise, we’ll have a whole lot to look forward to, and lots of sparkly excitement to enjoy. Seriously, it’ll be magical.

With that, I say, let’s drink. Drink like it’s the last weekend you’ll ever be in Canada.

9 All-Canadian Cocktails (BCLiving.ca) – I might just print this out, perch myself on a stool, and have some poor bartender make them all for me tonight. When in Canada…



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