Lake Life

The rest of our trip will probably look something like this:


I mean, minus the snow or whatever. Yes, snow on April 3rd. Still, there is something about this lake house that makes me feel a heck of a lot more peaceful, and for that, I’m grateful. Now that we’re almost entirely done with our last move before the next move, things should be settled-ish. I’ll say, between that and being as sick as a dog, my passion for living a healthy lifestyle has been lagging a little. I actually look forward to recommitting tomorrow. I’ve been “that guy” at yoga, coughing violently through everyone’s savasana. Not the way I wanted to close out my time at Moksha!

So the next few days of DS will be minimal. Then, we’ll launch into some Halifax overview material. I swear, it’s coming. After that? The new Daily Sampler. I can’t wait! Thanks for all the support- especially when times have gotten tough these last couple months. Excited for this new chapter.



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