Keep Swimming. Just Keep Swimming.

Oh. my God. What a day. Let me start with a little throwback story.

In college, I decided to study abroad in Australia with some of my roommates. To be fair, they kind of decided they were going to Australia, and I thought, “No way in hell am I staying HERE alone!” So, I went. Like no big deal. I was 20 years old, and it was my first time leaving home for an extended period. A big group of us Americans flew across the world one February evening and 30 some hours later, ended up Down Under. After the travel, the room placements, and the no eating or drinking of water for a while, I got to my apartment, went to the phone to call my mom, picked it up, and found no dial tone. My phone wasn’t working. I burst into tears. I walked over to my roommate in another apartment. She too, was crying. We were exhaustedly overtired and maybe a tad delirious.

As the days went on, my friends started to settle in and get acquainted. All I could think about though, was that it was February 20th, and we weren’t leaving until JUNE. That was such a long, long time to be on the other side of the world. What the hell had I gotten myself into? To say I was homesick was an understatement. I went on like that for a while.

The big problem for me wasn’t even that I missed home or my family, it was that if something could go wrong for me in Australia, it did. For me, only. From the moment I picked up my apartment phone with no dial tone, to the way that I was literally the ONLY person in the entire apartment complex that couldn’t get online with my computer, to the two psychotic roommates I had (separately, after switching,) to being the only one viciously eaten alive by some kind of unidentifiable tropical sand fly, to having my clothes and food stolen… I mean, if it was going to happen, it only happened to me. I felt a little cursed.

This is the way we’ve felt in Halifax, especially here at the end. The hilarity of things that have occurred in these last weeks alone leaves one to wonder, is our moon in transition? Did we piss off some Canadian deity? Tonight, we are moving into a hotel for the foreseeable future (16 days, 16 days,) because the house we were staying in has been infiltrated by someone else’s fuel oil spill. The fumes are more than we can take. There is a possibility we might not fully return to the house before we leave (except to get our stuff- which hopefully isn’t ruined forever.) They might have to do some kind of wicked digging or something. I mean, it’s way above and beyond our control. It sucks. We’re tired and want go home.

The moral of the story is, I guess, to (maybe tomorrow,) try and find a bright side, try to enjoy in the moment. I can’t lie, it’s VERY hard to do tonight. But, maybe tomorrow, we can. I hope that like Australia, where I was eventually able to dive in and enjoy lots of amazing times, that I will look back on Halifax at some point and remember the good times we had here. Perhaps in ten or so years? Stay tuned.



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