The Benefits of Moving, Spring Produce, and Who’s the Real April Fool?

Can we all agree that March is the weakest month of the year? Except for birthdays and March Madness, it really has nothing to offer. April starts this week, and though it can’t guarantee us better weather, April wins just for being April, period. You know what I mean. It’s prime time for spring cleaning, and for as much of a pain as it is, nothing beats cracking the windows, getting rid of excess junk, and wiping the dust away. It makes for an even nicer environment to watch shows premiering this month, like Game of Thrones, Mad Men, and if it’s your thing (ugh), baseball. I swear my life won’t be so TV-centric soon. I can’t wait to rejoin the living again.

For me, it means MOVING TIME!!!! I may have 2.2 weeks left, but I’ve decided to give up the fight and start my packing today. It’ll make me feel good, I’m sure. We have moved somewhere literally every single spring for the last five years, at least. I hate moving. I want to stay somewhere for an extended period of time. #ChristmasList2014. Anyways, even though moving sucks, there are some silver linings, especially when you only have about two car loads of stuff to move.

The Benefits of Moving (part 72):

  • Throwing things out, whether you need to or not. Because SURPRISE! You actually packed THREE carloads worth of stuff. Not two. Heh.
  • It’s a great excuse to never go to Canadian Costco again. What a nightmare!
  • Finding fun and interesting ways to use everything in your pantry. Pancakes for dinner? YES PLEASE. With a side of.. Shake and Bake pork.. mmm, okay… I guess we could use some protein.
  • Whittling your wardrobe down to about five outfits, with at least four outfits being workout related. Anyone wanna take a trip to Walmart?
  • Less laundry? Or more laundry..? Depends on how you look at it.
  • Knowing that by this time next year, maybe you’ll be using your own plates and nearly-new, fun kitchen appliances again. Maybe. No promises. Life is a highway.
  • Did I already say throwing out medium-sized, bulky electronics that take up valuable car space? RIP, Keurig. 😦
  • Finding your flip flops and looking longingly at them, leaving out your favorite pair for wishful thinking purposes.
  • Making return-to-America/going home music mixes.
  • It’s a great reminder that all we truly need in life, is a few nice Apple products and love, sweet love.

If you’re not moving this spring, here are a few perks for your normal, less mobile life.

10 Things to do in April (Style at Home) – Many of these are pre-gardening tips. Man, what I wouldn’t do for a garden. Plant some garlic for me, please. And with that, I just decided I’m planting some veggies this summer in my yard at home. Thanks, Mom!

Interesting Facts About April Fool’s Day (Pioneer Woman) – This is supposedly “curriculum” to teach to your homeschooled children.. ha.. adorable…but if this is what kids are being taught during the homeschool day,  than we have a bigger problem than some April Fools’ laughs. Love, a former teacher who was among the percent that walk away within the first three years. PS: Just enjoy these facts. Thanks.

Fruits and Veggies in Season for Spring ( – Anyone else sick to death of mulchy apples? Yeah, a change is gonna come. I love spring and summer produce!



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