Happy Hour – Attending Important Events in Spirit(s)

Happy Friday! Today, there are 18 days left until we go home, sweet home. Under 20! Woo! By now, you’re probably like, “Shuuuuttttt uppppp with the countdown. Live in the moment!” This weekend and next weekend alone, I’m going to miss important events for four good friends of mine, and it won’t be the first time. This is exactly why I have the countdown. I need the countdown. 18 days until I no longer have to miss important life happenings for my friends and family. This Happy Hour is dedicated to all of them!

The Stages of Turning 30 (Buzzfeed) – Some of my best, best friends are turning 30 this year, and I feel for them. Haha. Just kidding, I’m trembling right there next to them. We are FABULOUS and I can’t wait to celebrate all summer long.

Birthday Cake Cocktail Recipes (AllParenting.com) – For the three birthday parties I’ll miss this weekend and next, know I’ll be celebrating with you in spirit(s). Lots, and lots of spirits. Thank you for being born! You know who you are.

Bridal Shower Themed Cocktails (Punchbowl.com) – For one of my favorite brides-to-be, who chose wisely and is following the hot new trend of “night” showers- have a wonderful time tonight! Love the something old, new, borrowed, & blue idea for this one.



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