Judgement Day for Gwyneth Paltrow, Crop Tops, and Creative Burger Recipes

Hey guys. I took a little blizzard break yesterday to enjoy a snowed-in day with my guy. It was nice to have him here, and we managed to hold ourselves to only two Mad Men episodes. Impressive, right? The foot or so of heavy, wet snow is depressing, but since I already got that nice, whiny vent out the other night, I think it’s time to just move forward. The sun is out, so that’s something.

Speaking of moving forward, let’s do a quick tally. 19 days until we hit the road, and that also means 19 days or less until I roll out the new Daily Sampler. I’ve played with some different layouts in the past, but this will be a complete reorganization and one I’m excited about. With all the ch..ch..ch..changes going on in my life, it only seems appropriate my blog change along with me. And no, still not pregnant. I feel the need to clarify that once every six months or so, when I tease you with big life changes.

In the last bunch of days here, we’re going to do a little “Halifax in Review,” where I’ll share with you my favorite things, places, and you know I can’t resist, a few little pokes at the interesting elements of Nova Scotia. C’mon now, it’s all in good fun (mostly.) For now….


Different Teas for Different Moods (The Daily Meal) – Tea is my nightly best friend as I continue along with my retooled healthy lifestyle. Things have been going well. The actual lbs. are coming off a little slower than I’d like (typical,) but inches are melting and overall health is transforming for the better, daily. Tea at night is my little after-dinner treat, and I like to experiment with new flavors and combinations. Teas that can promote fun things like energy, creativity and even.. sexiness? Cool. Sign me up.

Real Girl’s Guide to Wearing a Crop Top (Who What Wear) – Really, I thought we’d seen the end of the crop top in about 1998, and I also thought, that was a good thing. Turns out, Kim Kardashian had to go ahead and wear the same crop top outfit everyday, helping bring it to the masses. Should adult, real-world women wear the crop top? I am heavily on the fence for this one. I can understand the appeal of showing off what is normally a lady’s best spot, the high, natural waist, but to me, it seems a little much for the real world. I guess summer will tell, if it ever arrives.

Kim Kardashian_cropped top_style_hanley mellon_0
Yeah. Not every one can be a winner. Proceed with caution. (#fashionvictim?)

Bobby Flay’s Best Burgers (Food Network) – Burger Week in Halifax has inspired me to want to get a little cray cray with burgers at home. A traditional burger is great, but what about something a little out of the box? Some of my favorites in town included a wild boar burger (cue the ode to ‘Lost’,) and a macaroni and cheese topped burger. Blizzards made it a little more difficult to get out to try them all, but I think it can be just as fun to do some experimenting at home. And of course, if you’re in Canada, a lot cheaper to do at home as well!

Why Do We Still Hate Gwyneth Paltrow? (The Daily Beast) – With the sad news of Gwyneth and Chris’ “uncoupling” this week, it got me to thinking, why do we all hate Gwyneth Paltrow? It’s not something I set out to do, but I find that she does sort of annoy me, without even trying. I mean, in 1999, who didn’t love GP and her pretty pink Oscar dress? I was just fine with her then. It’s probably the holier-than-thou, lifestyle preaching she does through her website, GOOP to all us lowly minions of the world, or her four hour daily workouts, or maybe her $300 a-day-recipe cookbook? If those reasons aren’t enough, read this.


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