Contouring Your Face, Contouring Your Monday, Also: Parsnips

I started two separate posts that never came to fruition yesterday. Sorry about that. They were kind of bitchy, so be grateful they never made it to publication. I’ve had a very interesting roller coaster ride of emotions over the last week. It hasn’t been fun. One good day, one bad, two great days, one ‘meh’ day, etc. Maybe instead of worrying about what’s going on internally, I’ll just blame it on the weather, which is basically doing the same thing. Sun today. Wednesday? Blizzard. It’s so much fun.

I can tell you, by the time we make our Canadian exit on April 15th, some of those Daily Sampler changes I’ve mentioned will be launched. My new chapter, my going home – is going to be a big part of it. I can’t wait to dive in.


Detoxifying Spring Foods (Mind Body Green) – Spring is about growth, change, and rejuvenation. I personally have been enjoying the detoxifying effects of simply eating lighter, healthier, and more produce-focused. Time to shed that winter bulk. I know, you’re still too cold to think about it. Put a sweater on, you’ll thank me in May.

Seasonal Produce Guide : Parsnips (Martha Stewart) – After chatting with some of my favorite Twitter foodies, I’ve decided to man up and actually purchase some parsnips at my next farmer’s market trip. I had them once before, roasted from my aunt’s food share, and I was pleasantly surprised with how sweet and tasty they were. Now, I’m intrigued and want to see what else the world of parsnips is all about. There’s a sentence I never imagined uttering.

Parsnips: Nature's ugly carrot.
Parsnips: Nature’s ugly carrot.

How Tweaking Your Running Routine Brings Faster Results (Runners World) – Have you started running outside yet? Me either. I felt a little better the other day at yoga when I overheard two girls talking about how they refuse to start running until the weather gets better. The one girl said, “my goal for this month was just to be healthier.” The other girl laughed at her and said, “In March?! What’s wrong with you?” It’s good to know there’s other like-minded people out there. March- you suck/we hate you.

How to Contour Your Face with Makeup (MAC Cosmetics) – Contouring is not an entirely new phenomenon, but for a lazy makeup person like me, it is. I find it fascinating, and I want to learn how. Not since I made my first visit to the Clinique counter at 12 have I had an honest-to-God makeup lesson, and I’m seriously, non-abashedly considering getting one when I get home. I think as you get older, your skin changes, and your face shape can even change a bit. I’ll definitely be doing a follow up on this topic after I go back to makeup school. You can start here.


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