Everybody Cut Footloose, and Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Today, I got about an hour and a half of real, outdoor vitamin D goodness and dear God, what a difference it made. I know it’s going to snow on Wednesday, and we’re going to hate it, but in the meantime, we’ve got to be thankful for what we have. Celebrate the happy – that’s my goal for the upcoming week.


Kevin Bacon’s Footloose Entrance on the Tonight Show (YouTube) – Every single thing about The Tonight Show is really good, well, except we think a few of the skits should start evolving. DO NOT ask hubs to sit through ‘Pros and Cons’ or ‘Thank You Notes’. He will not. I look forward to seeing some new things coming up, but for now, it’s a fun watch nearly every night. Friday evening was no exception.

Why Our Bodies Love the Sun (FitSugar) – There’s this sweet period between feeling completely victimized by winter and when people start complaining that it’s too hot out, where every human in a temperate climate strips down, and runs desperately outside when the temp is over 40 degrees, (Fahrenheit- I don’t do Celsius, sorry.) It starts about now, and gets even more desperate once we get a few tastes and then the snow returns. All I can say is, go outside. Even if it’s cold. Bundle up- and let the sun shine down on your dry, pale skin. #March

Houseplants to Help Feng Shui Your Home (Inhabitat) – While I’m not able to feng shui anything in my non-home, I am grateful to have plants to care for here. Although, the poor things endured many of our surprise trips out of the country, and some haven’t fared so well. Hope to nurse them back to health over the next 20 days. Any fresh plant or flower life is a really nice addition to your space these early spring days, and this sample will recommend the best bang for your zen buck.



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