Spring Awakening

I started writing a very smushy, soul-deep post last night, and then decided to trash it because- well, I care about your happiness. I will say this. I had a good day yesterday, and then went on to have a pretty great day today. It started with a revelation I had, and without going into too much detail, I think I’ve finally gotten ahold of what exactly this year was all about. You know it’s been rough- between hair crises and aging, loss and grief, financial difficulties and health struggles- I’ve been thinking 29 was the beginning of the end. Now, I realize, it’s a rebirth. Physically, mentally, and lifestyle-wise, I’m starting over. I’m excited about it, and I think it’s all happening the way it’s supposed to.

Can I also talk about yoga? Sorry, I have to. I fell in love with Moksha yoga at the end of last year. It provided me with an outlet for my mind and medicine for my broken body. It became my obsession. After returning to Halifax this final time, I wouldn’t say I was disinterested, but I wasn’t connecting to the poses and the breathing the same way I had initially. This week, it all came back. Not only have I been able to get back into it, I’ve gone further in the last 2 days than I have before, and it feels great.

So, in conclusion (hope you’re enjoying my essay,) all of the things that fell apart, broke down, or fell out of my head (the hair loss thing really jarred me,) all happened because it was time to shed the old so the new can begin to grow, and it already has. The Daily Sampler, too, is a part of that process. My recent writer’s block eventually brought me to some fresh ideas and new inspiration. I know, I know, I’ve been threatening lots of new additions to the DS since 2014 began, but things need time to take root, and grow, they shall.

I’ll leave you with that tonight. Happy Spring.

Copyright The Daily Sampler (also notice that cute little American flag amidst the new growth. Coincidence? Never.)
Copyright The Daily Sampler (also notice that cute little American flag amidst the new growth. Coincidence? Never.)

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