How Your Perspective Changes When You Learn About the New ‘Little Mermaid’ Movie

In case you were wondering, we went out last night for dinner and some drinks. It was fun. I woke up today thinking it wasn’t that fun. My body felt sad after I finally crawled out of bed, and it’s these constant reminders that tell me, 28 days isn’t that long to really give it my all. Not that I want to stop after that. That’s just when I’ll have to (again) readjust my routine to fit to living back between New York and Michigan, events and friends, and summer time. Summer- remember that thing?

Also helpful when cleansing the self of winter maladies is super fun plans. I tend to forget, as I lay in wait mode, that there are several exciting things coming up, including our latest plan: Boston! We have a two day trip home any way we drive, and we decided to take that ten-and-a-half hours over to Boston and go whale watching! It’ll be hubs’ first time. Boston is a great town.

So that’s what’s on my mind today. Plus, all of these things.


Sophia Coppola to Direct a Live Action Little Mermaid (Variety) – And suddenly, this has become the best day ever. I’m not saying my favorite Disney princess film won’t be weird as a live-action deal (think ‘Splash’,) but that doesn’t mean I won’t see it. I bet you’ll see it too, and you’ll blame it on your daughter or niece, but that won’t be why.

Life is About the Big Things Keeping You Busy, Little Things Keeping You Happy (Elite Daily) – A great little ditty about life truths, many of which I’m learning a lot about this year. Much of the time when I’m bored or seeking things to fill my large gaps of time with, I forget about the little things that I do enjoy, that I can enjoy right now, plus all the beautiful people, opportunities, and instance already going on in my life (even if they’re hundreds of miles away.) Perspective: my greatest teacher this year.

Best Drugstore Top Coats to Prevent Chipping ( – I’ve been having a real crisis lately; a crisis of the nails. Last year, I was all about the gel manicure and there are parts of me that still are. I went overseas for the summer and magically, my nails became naturally amazing. I wanted to keep them as healthy as possible for as long as they’d allow. By Christmas time, that fantastical journey had ended, and my nails were back to their usual crappy self. Still, the idea of hurting them with the damaging gel mani is something I want to avoid. I’ve been experimenting with different polishes (still LOVE the Nails Inc. polish line,) but no matter what, I’m chipped by the next day. Sometimes even within hours. That’s probably because all I do is wash dishes. Anyways, I’m hunting for a top coat that will save my life. I haven’t tried all of these yet, but if I can’t find a winner by June…. you fill in the blank.



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